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  • Unifil, Ireland Protest Against Sla

    Ireland and the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon have lodged protests with Israel in response to recent incidents by Israel’s allied South Lebanon Army in which, they say, SLA forces “indiscriminately” fired toward positions held by Irish troops with the international force. In the latest incident, according to a protest Ireland made Saturday, a… More ▸

  • Israeli Ambassador to London Presents Credentials in Dublin

    Israel’s new ambassador to Ireland, Yoav Biran, presented his credentials to President Patrick Hillery here Tuesday, mindful of the fact that the Irish Republic may play a crucial role in Middle East diplomacy in the coming year. Israel has been handicapped by not having a resident ambassador in Ireland. Biran, who is also ambassador to… More ▸

  • Play Depicting Zionists As Nazi Collaborators Angers Ireland’s Jewry

    An attempt to stage a play in Dublin depicting Zionists as Nazi collaborators during World War II has aroused the wrath of Ireland’s 2,000-member Jewish community. The play, “Perdition,” by Jim Allen, was to have opened at London’s Royal Court Theatre but was cancelled last week after protests by British Jews and by leading scholars… More ▸

  • Ireland Rejects Waldheim Visit

    In response to statements by President Kurt Waldheim’s spokesman in Vienna that his first foreign visit would be to Ireland, officials of the Irish Foreign Ministry said that the government had not considered the possibility and certainly did not foresee such a visit within the next year, the World Jewish Congress reported. Ireland’s small Jewish… More ▸

  • Herzog Arrives in Ireland for State Visit, Amid Tight Security

    Chaim Herzog, Israel’s Irish-born President, today began a five-day state visit to a rain swept Irish Republic amid the tightest security screen here since the visit of President Reagan last year. Armored cars and heavily armed troops blocked off Dublin Airport where Herzog and his wife, Avra, arrived in the first-ever direct flight to Dublin… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines Ireland Prepares Traditional Welcome for Native Son, Herzog

    The people and government of Ireland are preparing their traditional “hundred thousand welcomes” to an Irish-born president of a foreign state whose command of the Gaelic language puts to shame that of most other Irish people. The fact that this honored guest, Israel’s President Chaim Herzog, is an observant Jew merely heightens the keen interest… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA New-found Confidence of Ireland’s Jews

    A sense of relief is sweeping the 2,000 Jews of the Irish Republic after the government’s ban of Pieter Menten, the 85-year-old Dutch millionnaire found guilty of slaughtering Jews in Poland in 1941. Menten owns a big estate near the city of Waterford and was planning to spend the rest of his life there after… More ▸

  • Ireland’s Jews Seeking to Bar Entry of Dutch Nazi War Criminal

    The Jewish community in Ireland is seeking to bar Dutch Nazi war criminal Pieter Menten from entering that country after his release from prison in Holland at the end of next month. Menten, described as a multimillionaire art dealer, was sentenced in 1980 to 10 years’ imprisonment for complicity in the murders of 20 Jewish… More ▸