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  • Whitewash of Islam

    To the Editor: This "interfaith dialogue" is nothing but a whitewash of Islam; it is not a dialogue at all. True dialogue requires putting all the differences on the table and discussing them. For example, standard Sharia law says that "Jihad means to make war on non-Muslims." Why was this not mentioned? Instead we read… More ▸

  • The making of Islamic terrorists

    As terrorist attacks have forced Europe to focus on homegrown Islamic radicalism, Europe is struggling to understand the sense of fury and alienation many Muslims feel that, in a few rare cases, might lead them to try to murder their neighbors. More ▸

  • A Holocaust lesson for Muslim youth in Europe

    Teachers across Germany say they face a special challenge from those of immigrant backgrounds, most of whom are Muslims. Disenfranchised from the mainstream, many of these students echo anti-Semitic attitudes heard at home, trade schoolyard insults about Jews or express Holocaust denial, testing German taboos. More ▸

  • The impetus for conservative Islam

    How do Arab students rebel? They embrace conservative Islam. Thirst for political change and social justice are driving young people to conservative Islam, The New York Times finds in a piece from Jordan. The long-term implications of this are likely to complicate American foreign policy calculations, making it more costly to continue supporting governments that… More ▸

  • All the conflicts fit to print

    The New York Times has had several noteworthy pieces on Islamists and Israeli-Arab affairs over the last few days: Michael Kimmelman penned a piece on tension in the Gaza Strip between Palestinians’ secular orientation and life under Hamas Islamist rule: “Watching ‘Friends’ in Gaza: A Culture Clash.” The Ethicist, Randy Cohen, answers two readers’ question… More ▸