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jake gyllenhaal

  • Who was hanging out with Jake Gyllenhaal? Not a GF apparently

    The web gossipshpere was buzzing yesterday after Perez Hilton revealed a photo of Jake Gyllenhall looking all cutsie with a mysterious ladyfriend. The two were spotted at the 49th annual New York Film Festival over the weekend and opened up a big can of rumors, but unfortunately (or fortunately to some?) there’s not much to… More ▸

  • Iran So Far: 2011 edition

    Thursday at the U.N., Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the General Assembly, spewing his typical anti-U.S., anti-West and anti-Israel nonsense. Different year, same rhetoric. It is often said you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. In accordance with that idiom, below is the best response ever created to Ahmadinejad’s pronouncements  — a love song… More ▸

  • Jake <3 Rashida?

    Actor and good man Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted over Labor Day weekend with Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreation and Our Idiot Brother. According to People Magazine, the two Jewish stars had lunch together, with JakeGyl’s pup Atticus waiting for them to finish their little luncheon. Apparently it is going well because there was some laughing going… More ▸

  • Jake Gyllenhaal is still a better person than you

    Looking at Jake Gyllenhaal’s resume usually makes the average Jewish young professional feel extremely self-conscience and unaccomplished. Gyllenhaal is politically active, stands up against cancer, recycles everything he uses, friends with the LAPD and he is a freaking master of hiding (and finding) the Afikomen. In case you were hoping that this introduction would lead to a post about… More ▸

  • Jake Gyllenbald

    And the morning of lazy puns continues into the afternoon. For his new film, “End of Watch,” Jake Gyllenhaal has shaved his head to play an apparently follicley challenged cop. On IMDb, the movie receives very little by way of description except for one sentence:  “A drama centered on the long-term friendship and partnership between… More ▸