Jake Gyllenhaal is still a better person than you


Looking at Jake Gyllenhaal’s resume usually makes the average Jewish young professional feel extremely self-conscience and unaccomplished.

Gyllenhaal is politically active, stands up against cancer, recycles everything he uses, friends with the LAPD and he is a freaking master of hiding (and finding) the Afikomen.

In case you were hoping that this introduction would lead to a post about Jake getting himself in trouble, think again.

This week, Gyllenhaal actually helped inner-city kids in the Bay Area and taught them about sustainable farming and healthy eating.

“The essence of the idea with these gardens is that kids can come into them and they can experience what it’s like to grow something and see something grow. When they do this they have a different relationship to what they eat.” Gyllenhaal told the Today Show.

What have you done lately?!


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