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James Franco

  • James Franco buys James Franco artwork from a 13-year old girl

    James Franco stopped by at the Toronto International Film Festival for a short visit on Sunday, to talk about his new art installation, Memories of Idaho, but he ended up with a homemade art made by a local fan. Franco noticed the three pieces of art made by 13-year old Macy Armstrong: A franco collage… More ▸

  • Wait, they’re not Jewish?!

    We here at 6 Degrees No Bacon pride ourselves on “discovering” the Jewishness of unexpected famous folks such as Alyson Hannigan and James Franco. But what about the celebrities you were so sure were Members of the Tribe but actually aren’t? Well, after Jewish donors gave money to Michelle Bachmann, mistakenly believing she was Jewish, The… More ▸

  • No Broadway or reality TV for James Franco

    This hasn’t exactly been the most productive week if you’re James Franco. Franco and his production company, Rabbit Bandini, wanted to create a reality TV show about the life of a student at the Miami University of Ohio campus. The Miami Student newspaper reports that Franco was rejected by the university: Originally, Rabbit Bandini was willing to… More ▸

  • James Franco makes a porno

    James Franco, who had previously announced his intention making a porn documentary, was spotted outside of the offices of, presumably doing research for the project. “There’s this amazing facility in San Francisco,” Franco told Conan O’Brien during a recent appearance on the latter’s show. “It’s at this old armory and they do everything in… More ▸

  • Pretty open fly for a late night guy

    Nothing gets past that James Franco. Last night as the actor/PhD candidate/multiple masters degree holder was shmoozing with Jimmy Kimmel to promote his new film, “Rise of the Planet of Apes,” he glanced over at the host and commented, “Your fly is open.” Fortunately, Kimmel laughed it off, zipping up behind his desk and suggesting… More ▸

  • James Franco pissed with Gawker’s gay rapist joke

    Actor James Franco, who’s been dealing with plenty of speculations regarding his sexual orientation, had to deal with one that may have gone a little too far. Franco finally commented on the latest issue of Playboy Magazine about a post made by popular gossip site Gawker about 3 years ago, which jokingly suggested that he might be a gay… More ▸