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Jews Fit to Print

  • Jews fit to print

    Today is annual bagel day, as Jews flood New York’s bageleries for their first bites of chametz in days. Football on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur? The Jets are not pleased. Norm Coleman puts on tefillin every day — and he’s worried David Letterman will make fun of him for it. Anne Frank’s tree sinks… More ▸

  • Jews fit to print: Can reporting on Israel in the NYT be fair?

    The New York Times met its Jewish quota this weekend with a bevy of Israel-related stories: After a few years covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from Jerusalem, the Times’ Ethan Bronner concludes in a thoughtful Week in Review piece that he’ll never be able to satisfy readers on either side of the divide that his reportage… More ▸

  • Jews fit to print

    From a profile of an eclectic, peace-loving West Bank rabbi to an examination of the Jewish ancestry of Spanish Catholics, The New York Times had a bevy of Jewish-related stories over the last few days: In an Op-ed, Seth Lipsky, the founding editor of the New York Sun and the English-language Forward, defends the role… More ▸

  • Jewish prophet of financial doom

    Apropos of the scary acrobatics of the market this week, Netxbook has a fascinating piece about Hyman Minsky, the Russian Jew whose views on the efficiency of capital markets have suddenly become popular (see here, here, here and here). Mark Cohen writes: According to economist Paul Samuelson, ninety-five percent of economists believe that the capital… More ▸

  • Jews fit to print

    The New York Times had a number of interesting Jewish-related stories in recent days: Jennifer Bleyer reports from the front line of the American Orthodox Jewish dating scene: Manhattan’s Upper West Side – or, more specifically, the Westmont building on 96th and Columbus. Jake Mooney reports from the Sephardic Jewish enclave of Gravesend, Brooklyn, where… More ▸

  • Jews fit to print

    Several Jewish-related items appeared over the weekend in The New York Times: Former workers at Agriprocessors, the nation’s largest kosher meat plant, detailed alleged abuses at the Postville, Iowa plant. Sunday saw competing rallies between activists protesting working conditions at the plant and activists opposed to illegal immigration. Gaza is getting its first museum of… More ▸

  • Jews Fit to Print: The last Jews of Baghdad

    The New York Times has had several items of interest over the past few days: The last Jews of Baghdad have become the fearful few. P. W. Singer and Elina Noor argue that the U.S. is making a strategic mistake by describing terrorists as jihadists. Organizers of the Salute to Israel Parade wonder why Israelis… More ▸