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jimmy kimmel

  • Watch Jack Black’s ‘Teen Wolf’ sequel

    Have you ever found yourself wondering what happened to the character Michael J. Fox played in the classic ’80s comedy “Teen Wolf”? Well folks, Jack Black has bestowed upon us the answer—as well as a new meaning for the word Jewfro. In the (totally fake) film “Adult Wolf,” which ran on a recent episode of… More ▸

  • Jimmy Kimmel presents: Hipster or Hasid? (VIDEO)

      Jimmy Kimmel brought his late night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to Brooklyn last week, and between dealing with the storm and hosting his idol, David Letterman, he played a fun game for those who have experienced the wonderful world of Brooklyn facial hair: Does the extreme close-up beard belong to a typical Brooklyn hipster… More ▸

  • Pretty open fly for a late night guy

    Nothing gets past that James Franco. Last night as the actor/PhD candidate/multiple masters degree holder was shmoozing with Jimmy Kimmel to promote his new film, “Rise of the Planet of Apes,” he glanced over at the host and commented, “Your fly is open.” Fortunately, Kimmel laughed it off, zipping up behind his desk and suggesting… More ▸