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Lea Michele

  • Lea Michele hurt by ‘Modern Family’ actress comments

    Remember the Emmys?  Yeah that award show that was pretty much a real-life ad for Modern Family? Well, it seems like Sarah Hyland, who plays troubled teen Haley Dunphy on the hilarious ABC sitcom, didn’t have to win an Emmy to create headlines, all she had to do was make fun of the red dress… More ▸

  • Emmys roundup

    Last night the Emmys were awarded in Los Angeles and all of television glitterati (and a lot of film stars since the distinction between television and movie stars has steadily blurred over the past decade) showed up to demonstrate their best acting skills by pretending to be entertained by the evening’s proceedings.
    Even Charlie Sheen was on hand to present the award for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. But before he got started listing the nominees, he needed to do some penance. (We are getting close to Rosh Hashanah, after all.) “Before I present Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, my old category,” he began, “I want to take a moment to get something off my chest and say a few words to verybody here from Two and a Half Men. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season. We spent eight wonderful years together and I know you will continue to make great television.”
    Just like that bit of faux sincerity, the rest of the show felt forced and poorly scripted. Yet unlike every other armchair critic out there, I’m not going to make this post about how dreadful the show was because this was hardly a surprise. The Emmys are unwatchable virtually every year. We’d all be better entertained watching C-SPAN. Book TV anyone?
    Now onto the awards. More ▸

  • Expect an Idina Menzel/Lea Michele duet on ‘Glee’

    Idina Menzel, who has a recurring role as the biological mother of Lea Michele’s character on Glee, told E! Online that the two will be performing a mother-daughter duet together during the third season of the hit FOX show, which will start next month. Menzel also said that she will be appearing in at least eight… More ▸

  • Lea Michele: ‘They told me to get a nose job, I proved them wrong!’

    Lea Michele has been in the news lately, mostly because of her unclear future with the popular show Glee. Since she became a public figure, there were many talks about her very, umm, stereotypical features. It wasn’t a big surprise when Michele told Harper’s Bazaar how her looks held her back in the past. Michele said: “How… More ▸

  • Dianna Agron flaunts it

    It’s out of the cheerleading uniform and into a sequined body suit and heavy eye makeup for Glee’s Dianna Agron in a photo spread for “Flaunt Magazine” where she shows her “serious” and “sophisticated” side to Hollywood casting directors. Oh, and she also got a haircut. Agron is best known for her character “Quinn Fabray”… More ▸

  • Trailer: “New Year’s Eve” (with some hawt Jews!)

    This December 2011 movie seems to attract a lot of familiar faces (Ashton Kutcher, Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Hilary Swank, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, , Alyssa Milano, Ryan Seacrest, Jon Bon Jovi, Ice Cube, Josh Duhamel, Greg Kinnear and more) and 3 super-famous actors with Jewish daddies (Zac Efron, Lea… More ▸

  • Harry Potter and the Body Ink

    Daniel Radcliffe told the Daily Mirror that now that he is through with the Potter franchise he wants to get a tattoo, which he noted wasn’t possible while he was filming the movies. The only tattoo Harry could sport was the lightening bolt above his brow. (If you remember, Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger for… More ▸

  • No Emmy + no more Glee = Lea Michele, a Diva.

    After being snubbed by the Emmys AND finding out that she will be “forced” to graduate from the popular FOX show “Glee,” Lea Michele went to watch the musical Hair with her boyfriend, Theo Stockman. But the couple didn’t exactly “Let the Sunshine In,” but rather acted like a couple of brats, according to Hollywood… More ▸