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  • Russia Offers Tanks, Artillery to Lebanon

    A Lebanese parliamentary leader said that Russia promised to sell tanks and artillery to his country. At the same time, Russia expects Lebanon to recognize the independence of the Georgian breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, according to reports. Saad Hariri, the leader of the majority in Lebanon’s parliament, said he discussed the arms… More ▸

  • Israel’s U.S. Envoy: Peace Talks with Lebanon Possible Next Year

    Comprehensive peace has never been closer for Israel, and within a year Israel could be holding peace talks with Lebanon, Israel’s U.S. ambassador told JTA. Sallai Meridor noted that talks with the Palestinians are continuing despite the political upheaval in Israel, and said a third track could be in place within a year. “I don’t… More ▸

  • Israel Volunteer Experience Inspires U.S. Jewish Student to Help in Lebanon

    As Josh Martin painted bomb shelters and helped replant burnt forests in northern Israel after the 2006 Lebanon war, he wondered what it would be like to do something similar in Lebanon. Six months ago he found out when he took a group of 10 New York University students — Christians, Muslims and Jews —… More ▸

  • Hezbollah Attacks in Lebanon Spur Fears of Iran Takeover

    The dust from the 2006 Second Lebanon War has hardly settled, yet Israelis are again watching their northern neighbor with worry. In a week of fighting that killed dozens, Iran- and Syria-sponsored Hezbollah guerrillas overran entire neighborhoods in Beirut, routing gunmen loyal to Western-backed Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. Though the violence abated Saturday, the scenes… More ▸

  • Assessing Lebanon War One Year Later: Was It a Wake-up Call for Israel?

    One year after the Second Lebanon War, Israel’s northern front is quiet, United Nations forces are patrolling the border area and Hezbollah fighters have been pushed back deep inside Lebanese territory. That’s the good news. On the other side of the equation, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is still under pressure to resign for his poor… More ▸

  • Lebanon War Panel Finds Olmert Was Unprepared

    An Israeli commission of inquiry is only partly through investigating the Lebanon war, but already it may have done all it can to shape Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s political fate. The Winograd Commission released interim findings April 30 lambasting Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz and then-IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz for their handling… More ▸

  • Lebanon War Panel Apparently Won’t Seek Olmert’s Ouster

    Leaked details of an imminent Israeli commission of inquiry report on the Lebanon war spell tough criticism for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz, though both appear likely to be spared formal calls to resign. The question is whether the outrage felt by the public is enough to mobilize Israelis into a… More ▸

  • Casualties from Recent Lebanon War Remembered on Israel’s Memorial Day

    The young men from reserve battalion 9211 greeted each other with quiet handshakes and embraces on Israel’s Memorial Day by the rose and flag-covered grave of their friend David Smidov. “It’s a difficult day,” Ori Bushari, 26, said on Monday. Bushari had been friends with Smidov since the day they were drafted together nearly eight… More ▸

  • Giving a Name to Lebanon War, Israel Hopes to Soothe Bereaved

    After months of equivocation, Israel has formally recognized last year’s offensive against Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas as a war and given it a name. But while the chosen title — “Second Lebanon War” — may offer some comfort to Israelis who were bereaved by the fighting and want to know their losses were for a cause,… More ▸

  • News Analysis Learning from the Lebanon War,

    Gabi Ashkenazi, the blunt general who takes over as the Israel Defense Forces’ chief of staff next week, faces a mammoth task: Within the next few months he’ll be expected to restructure the army, redefine its operational doctrine and restore its self-belief. Six months after last summer’s war in Lebanon, the IDF is still smarting… More ▸