Lebanon accuses Israel of spying


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Lebanon has filed a complaint with the United Nations alleging that an Israeli spy network is present in its country.

The Financial Times reported that Lebanese authorities have charged 18 people with spying since the beginning of the year and have taken twelve into custody. Six are still at large, including two who escapted to Israel.

Among those charged were a butcher and a mobile phone salesman, said the papers. The suspects were part of separte cells, of no more than three people, and at least one of the cells was colecting information on Hezbollah. Lebanese security officials say they found listening devices in cars, cans of motor oil and a watercooler. 

Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora charged Israel with violating Lebanese sovereignty and Security Council resolution 1701, which set conditions at the conclusion of the 2006 war in Lebanon.

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