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  • Assassination in Lebanon Makes Prospects for Even More Unlikely

    If chances of a Lebanese-Israeli peace agreement seemed distant after Israel’s war this summer with Hezbollah, the assassination of a leading Lebanese Christian politician has further dampened the prospects. Tuesday’s assassination of Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, a fierce critic of Syrian influence on his country, has sharpened the divisions between Lebanese of pro-Western leanings and… More ▸

  • With Son Held Prisoner in Lebanon, a Soldier’s Family Hopes and Waits

    Shlomo Goldwasser knew his son, Ehud, was in trouble on the Lebanon border in July, even though he himself was several thousand miles away in Namibia at the time. “As soon as the news alert about two Israeli soldiers being kidnapped on the Lebanon border flashed up on CNN, I knew I was in the… More ▸

  • Western European Anti-semitism Up Since Lebanon Conflict — Study

    Israel’s recent war with Hezbollah resulted in a new wave of anti-Semitic incidents in Europe — almost all in Western Europe, a new report finds. The European Jewish Congress’ 53-page report, presented Sunday at a World Jewish Congress meeting in Paris, reveals that the transference of anti-Israel sentiment onto Jews occurred almost exclusively in Western… More ▸

  • With Hamas Stockpiling Weapons, Israel Fears ‘new Lebanon’ in South

    With Hamas’ militia smuggling millions of dollars’ worth of weapons into Gaza and Israel determined to prevent a significant Palestinian arms build-up, the two sides could be on the brink of a major military showdown. According to IDF sources, Hamas wants to emulate Hezbollah’s model in Lebanon: to develop its rocket threat against Israeli civilians,… More ▸

  • Israeli Troops out of Lebanon, Amid Uncertainty but No Sign of Hezbollah

    Israel’s war with Hezbollah ended much like the way it was waged — unpredictably, and with a good deal of self-doubt. “It’s over, mom,” muttered one soldier into his cell phone as he crossed back from Lebanese territory at the Israeli border village of Zarit before dawn Sunday. One of his comrades jauntily clutched an… More ▸

  • After Lebanon War, Israel Looks with Fresh Eyes at Golan Heights

    With criticism of the handling of this summer’s war in Lebanon continuing to mount, Israel’s military elite is struggling to deal both with the war’s political fallout and its implications for military strategy. As they ponder the threats to northern Israel, these strategists are thinking not only about Hezbollah, but about the questions this war… More ▸

  • After Initial Doubts on Resolution, Consensus Emerging on Lebanon

    An international consensus is emerging that Lebanon is an abused party that needs to be delicately drawn away from Iran’s influence. The differences between Israel, the United States, Europe and Lebanon that dogged efforts to implement U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended this summer’s Israel-Hezbollah war, are dissipating, diplomats say. Israel’s foreign minister, Tzipi… More ▸

  • As States Discuss Outlines of Force for Lebanon, the Options Seem Grim

    Nations that would join a multinational force to patrol the Israel-Lebanon cease-fire face what appears to be a grim Hobson’s choice: Join, and face the likelihood of catastrophe; decline, and face the likelihood of catastrophe. The arguments over whether and how to expand the size and capabilities of the hapless UNIFIL force currently in place… More ▸

  • In Austria, the War in Lebanon Provided Fodder for Anti-semites

    Right-wing Austrian firebrand Joerg Haider has emerged with a vengeance in the wake of Israel’s war with Hezbollah, calling Vienna’s top Jewish leader a “Zionist provocateur” and demanding the ouster of Israel’s ambassador. Commentators agree that Israel’s monthlong war with the Lebanese terrorist group emboldened the extreme-right segment of Austrian society that Haider represents, which… More ▸

  • A Whole New World: Germany Debates Sending Troops to Lebanon

    With Germany considering offering peacekeeping troops in southern Lebanon, politicians and Jewish leaders are weighing in on what the German army’s role should be. The once-theoretical question of whether Germans in uniforms should help patrol southern Lebanon has taken on a practical urgency since Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert earlier this month asked for German… More ▸