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  • Ira Glass speaks

    The man behind the NPR program “This American Life” believes in stories, not in God. But, in an interview with Beliefnet, he has interesting things to say about his Jewish upbringing and religion generally: Would you want your kids to bar mitzvah? I don’t know. Culturally I am a Jew. I don’t have a choice… More ▸

  • The Times on Israel at 60

    Sunday’s New York Times marks Israel’s 60th birthday with four Op-Eds about the Jewish state. Thomas Friedman writes that the whispering campaign to stoke Jewish fears about Barack Obama is rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of the U.S. president in supporting Israel and promoting a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Jeffrey… More ▸

  • Hasbara 2.0 (beware of bugs)

    Several recent stories shine a light on the challenges and opportunities of the new YouTube-era environment that Israel and its advocates are operating in. Ha’aretz has a report today on the Israeli Consulate in New York arranging to have videos played on the jumbo screens in Times Square of celebrities sending Independence Day greetings. “We’re… More ▸

  • Don’t throw away your NYT!

    The New York Times had a touching article Wednesday about the story of how a Torah made it from Auschwitz to the Central Synagogue on 55th & Lex. Only one problem: In the photo of the scroll, God’s name (that’s the “Tetragrammaton,” for all you academic types) is clearly visible – which, according to Jewish… More ▸

  • Jews fit to print

    Zev Chafets says Israel shouldn’t be counting on the United States to take care of Iran. Daphne Merkin visits the Kabbalah Center. Peter Steinfels takes a look at the Haggadah. The boom in Passover food products. The Ethicist weighs in on whether someone should rat out a fellow employee who makes up fake Jewish holidays… More ▸

  • Dave Marash: Why I quite Al Jazeera English

    Al Jazeera English’s respected Jewish American anchor tells the Columbia Journalism Review why he quit the network: It’s been a gradual process, and defining it all, is that with corporate encouragement, over the first two years of the channel’s existence, I have made myself effectively the American face of the channel and vouched for its… More ▸

  • The most biased cable news host in the world…

    Perhaps the highlight of Keith Olbermann’s weeklong fifth anniversary celebration of his MSNBC show “Countdown” has been his back-and-forth with Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. Olbermann kicked off his big week on Monday by naming Rendell, a big-time Hillary booster, the day’s worst person in the world and suggesting that he might be an idiot. Rendell’s… More ▸

  • David Landau: Did you ever think the press may have a point about Israel?

    At the closing session of the of London Jewish Book Week, outgoing Ha’aretz editor David Landau suggested that instead of spending so much energy criticizing the media, pro-Israel activists should be asking if the press has a point when it puts forward comparisons to apartheid. Listen to the audio clip or read an account of… More ▸

  • Commentary’s way of saying thank you…

    Remember how happy you were to get the football alarm clock with your subscription to Sports Illustrated? Now Commentary is offering something even better… Dear Former Subscriber: You already know that COMMENTARY delivers in-depth, thought-provoking analysis of the great events in our politics and culture. There is no substitute for what COMMENTARY provides – certainly… More ▸