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Menachem Begin

  • Peres, the optimist

    Thirteen years after the two faced off in a heated race for prime minister, Shimon Peres is still an optimist and Benjamin Netanahu is still a skeptic, but now the two are partners. More ▸

  • Peres, the optimist

    As I sat in the press area at a luncheon Wednesday to honor Israeli President Shimon Peres, the Israeli prime minister’s race of 1996 seemed like a long time ago. Back in ’96, Peres, the prime minister and leader of the Labor Party, commanded a strong lead over Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, and at first… More ▸

  • With New Center in His Name, How Will Begin Be Remembered?

    Menachem Begin made his way from a gangly, bespectacled leader of the right-wing Jewish underground to the silver-tongued prime minister who made peace with Egypt, only to spend his final years a recluse, mourning the deaths of his wife and the soldiers he sent to Lebanon. Fourteen years after thousands choked the streets of Jerusalem… More ▸

  • Begin Resigns from Knesset After 11 Years As Lawmaker

    Hawkish Israeli legislator Ze’ev “Benny” Begin has announced he is resigning from politics. Begin, who withdrew from the race for prime minister one day before Israelis went to the polls this week, said Wednesday he had decided on the move because his National Unity Party won only three Knesset seats in Monday’s vote. “I am… More ▸

  • Begin Quits Likud, Declares Candidacy for Prime Minister

    A former member of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Cabinet has announced plans to quit the Likud Party and spearhead a right-wing challenge to the premier. Ze’ev “Benny” Begin, who resigned as science minister in 1997 when Netanyahu agreed to turn over most of Hebron to Palestinian self-rule, could weaken the premier in the May… More ▸