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  • Interfaith group blasts “Obsession” distributors

    An interfaith group blasted the creators and distributors of a film critical of radical Islam. At a presss conference Tuesday in Washington, Interfaith Alliance chair Rabbi Jack Moline described the film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War with the West” as a “thinly-veiled call for disparagement and distrust of all Muslims.” He added that by “exercising the… More ▸

  • ‘Papa Jack’ Weil, who made the cowboy look classic, dies

    The Economist has a nice obit on Jack Weil, the Denver cowboy who created a clothing line that brought Western couture to mainstream America. Weil, known as “Papa Jack,” died earlier this month at 107. From the Economist: His shirts, sold after 1946 through his company, Rockmount Ranch Wear, became extremely famous. The Premium Blue… More ▸

  • Was today Jewish organizational picnic day?

    I am looking for confirmation on this, but it sounds like Wednesday was picnic day for major Jewish organizations in New York. I tried to get in touch with the executive vice president and CEO of the UJA Federation of Greater New York and was told that he was at an organizational retreat (which I… More ▸

  • Some sexy swag at Heeb’s latest party

    The goody bag that Heeb gave out at the New York launch party for its summer issue. Contents include Michael Chabon’s “The Yiddish Policeman’s Union,” an issue of the Heeb swimsuit edition, a screening copy of Jakie Mason’s latest video, Bacon Salt, a “Loser” headband, breath mints, a couple of buttons, body wipes and a… More ▸

  • Yiddishists court Ross

    During the short period that the Fundermentalist has been around, I have on occasion received email from readers who wish to get in touch with potential funders about whom I have written. But I had yet seen a response like the one I got after writing about Mickey Ross, the former writer and producer on… More ▸

  • Food fodder

    A guy who works for a non-profit that we cover wants to get lunch today, on him – which presumably means on the non-profit’s dime. He suggested the Prime Grill, a fairly posh kosher steakhouse in Manhattan. It’s not a bad joint for a date, but for lunch appetizers run between $17 and $25 a… More ▸

  • I wish I were a dog

    The Leona Helmsley story just won’t end, despite that the notoriously cantankerous real estate mogul died last summer. First, it was reported that Helmsley left millions to her pooch, Trouble. Now it seems that “The Queen of Mean” may have left billions to the greater dog community. According to a NY Times story, Helmsley indicated… More ▸

  • Help the Fundermentalist find…

    … some info on a few topics. In all cases, please reach me at my new, official e-mail: After my recent articles (here and here) on Sderot and blog posts that I wrote about Sderot. This week and last, I’ve received a number of e-mails from irate PR folks asking how I dare not… More ▸