Man bilks dog: Helsmley’s pooch loses $10 million of its inheritance


Just in case you somehow missed this one: The New York Post reports that Leona Helmsley’s dog, Trouble, lost $10 million of the $12 million bequeathed to it by the late real-estate mogul left when she died last August.

In a deal with Helsmley’s estate that also saw the two grandchildren she cut out of her will awarded multimillion-dollar inheritances, $10 million of Trouble’s trust fund was awarded to Helmsley’s multibillion-dollar charitable foundation.

According to the Post, Trouble will probably still get by on the smaller allowance:

“Two million dollars . . . would be enough money to pay for Trouble’s maintenance and welfare at the highest standards of care for more than 10 years, which is more that twice her reasonably anticipated life expectancy,” he said.

Lekic put her annual expenses at $190,000, which includes his $60,000 guardian fee, $100,000 for ’round-the-clock security, $8,000 for grooming, $3,000 for miscellaneous expenses, $1,200 for food and anywhere from $2,500 to $18,000 for medical care.

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