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  • Around the Jewish World Jews in Toronto Help Build a Jcc in Eastern European City

    An Eastern European city known for an infamous pogrom a century ago is getting a Jewish community center of its own. Living in the former Soviet republic of Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest countries, Kishinev’s 18,000 Jews soon will have a center complete with recreational facilities, computer room, Holocaust center, vocational training and educational classes… More ▸

  • President Speaks out for Jews in Moldova, Known for Deadly Pogrom

    In Jewish memory, the city of Kishinev is closely linked to a terrible pogrom. But the pogrom, whose 100th anniversary was marked earlier this month, is only a part of the city’s Jewish past and present. Forty-nine Jews were killed and more than 500 injured on April 6-7, 1903 — the first day of Easter… More ▸

  • Elderly Jews in Moldova Election Help Restore the Communist Party

    The mostly elderly Jewish community of Moldova joined much of the country in backing the Communist Party’s stunning electoral victory this week. The ongoing economic crisis in Europe’s poorest country fueled the Communists’ victory in Moldova, a former Soviet republic of approximately 4.5 million people that lies between Ukraine and Romania. “I don’t really believe… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World: Despite Shrinking Numbers, Moldova’s Jews Enjoy Revival

    As a new century dawns, the Jews of Moldova — unlike their impoverished compatriots — actually have something to celebrate. After four decades of communism during which there was barely a pulse of Jewish life, Jews in this ex-Soviet republic are enjoying a remarkable renaissance. It’s about more than schools and meals-on-wheels. There are Jewish… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World: Jews in Estonia, Moldova Harmed by Language Laws

    The language laws of two former Soviet republics are blocking employment opportunities for their respective Jewish communities and in one case impeding their chances of obtaining full citizenship rights. In Estonia, most of the country’s Jews do not have passports and are not eligible for citizenship, according to a human rights group based in the… More ▸

  • Newfoundland Becomes New Haven for Jews, Others Fleeing Moldova

    The town of Gander, Newfoundland, has become an unlikely destination for Jews, Ukrainians, Russians and other ethnic minorities fleeing the conflict-ridden former Soviet republic of Moldova. Those hoping to win asylum in Canada fly from the Moldovan capital of Kishinev to Moscow. There they catch a four-times-a-week Aeroflot flight to Havana, Cuba — once a… More ▸