• ‘Homeland’ writer’s Jerusalem-based show picked up by USA

    Doesn’t a series about an FBI agent who, while investigating a murder in Jerusalem, stumbles upon a conspiracy intertwined with the ancient city’s history sound sort of awesome?  Well, good news: American TV bigwigs think so too. “Dig,” penned by Gideon Raff, the Israeli writer behind “Homeland” and its Israeli counterpart “Prisoners of War,” has… More ▸

  • Watch: Sarah Silverman’s failed NBC pilot

    Get a head start on tonight’s extra Jewish-ish TV lineup with this pilot Sarah Silverman made for NBC back in 2012 and posted today to Jash. In the never-picked up “Susan 313,” Silverman plays Susan Farrow, a former musician who moves back to her apartment after the deterioration of her 10-year relationship. Interspersed between scenes… More ▸

  • NBC to adapt Andy Samberg’s BBC comedy ‘Cuckoo’

    Imagine this: A show about a young woman from an average, middle class family who returns home from a year abroad married to a nutty hippie named Cuckoo, played by Andy Samberg. Hilarious, right? The good news is the show, called “Cuckoo,” already exists on the U.K.’s BBC Three. The great news is NBC has… More ▸

  • Is Howard Stern coming to late night TV?

    Brace yourself for this rumor: Howard Stern might replace Jimmy Fallon. Leaked news last week revealed that Jay Leno was being pushed off of NBC to make room for Jimmy Fallon in his 11:30 slot in 2014. A source told the New York Post today NBC was “grooming” Jewish comedian/pervert Howard Stern. Stern is known… More ▸

  • NBC Olympics announcer thinks Jesse Eisenberg is Mark Zuckerberg (VIDEO)

    It’s been a rough summer for NBC, mostly since the most common word following the peacock network letters was the word “fail” — because of its highly criticized Olympics coverage. But  the icing on the failcake may have happened Sunday morning, when NBC cameras focused on one of the spectators and announcer Bob Fitzgerald declared, “I know… More ▸

  • Parents want to keep Howard Stern far away from America’s Got Talent

    Howard Stern recently announced that he will be taking Piers Morgan’s place on the NBC hit reality show “America’s Got Talent”– and the mommas and the poppas are none too happy about this news. The Parents Television Council released a statement today calling NBC’s decision to hire Stern “an act of desperation” and that the… More ▸

  • NBC to adapt BBC Shabbat Dinner sitcom

    NBC and Greg Daniels, who is responsible for the successful U.S. adaptation of The Office, are making a bid to Americanize another BBC show: Friday Night Dinner. And guess what its about… Friday Night Dinner, which debuted on Channel 4 in February, centers on the Goodmans, a traditional but not strictly observant Jewish family, and chronicles their… More ▸