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  • Monday morning tussles at the GA

    In case you missed it on Twitter, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was disrupted on five separate occasions by the Left wing group Jewish Voice for Peace, as he spoke to several thousand Jewish federation officials at the New Orleans Marriott this morning. Five different protesters stood up at various points during the Prime Minister’s talk… More ▸

  • How some federations used the recession to transform themselves

    It is the GA’s focus on younger participants and the high-profile guest list of speakers that have given this year’s conference a tremendous cache, but the federation folks here are still very much dealing with what everyone hopes is the aftermath of the recession. The system’s higher-ups say that they believe the worst is over…. More ▸

  • The concerns of small-city federations

    Far from the world of huge endowments there are dozens of small Jewish federations in places you might not suspect, places like Merrimack County in Massachusetts, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and El Paso Texas. Most have communities in the low thousands, if that, and annual campaigns that run well below $1 million.  But they are part… More ▸

  • Consultant Raybin Bullish on philanthropy

    While the GA officially got started after noon ton Sunday, the Jewish Federations normally held a series of more hard core professional development workshops before the mainstream conference starts. This morning I sat in on the fist part of a session focused on raising money for endowments. The federation system has come to be identified… More ▸