Monday morning tussles at the GA


In case you missed it on Twitter, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was disrupted on five separate occasions by the Left wing group Jewish Voice for Peace, as he spoke to several thousand Jewish federation officials at the New Orleans Marriott this morning.

Five different protesters stood up at various points during the Prime Minister’s talk to  protest the proposed loyalty oath.

“Your loyalty oath de-ligitemizes Israel,” screamed one protester before getting dragged by security out of the conference hall.

“I ‘m gonna talk about legitimizing Israel, but they really have the wrong address,” Netanyahu said, addressing the first protester.

A second protester was dragged out of the hall after unfurling a banner that read, “Silencing Dissent De-legitimizes Israel.”

“If in past, Jews were singled out and demonized, today it is Israel in many quarters that is singled out and demonized,” Netanyahu said. “For too many, Israel is guilty until proven guilty. The greatest problem is when Jews start believing it themselves. That is what we are seeing here today.”

As each protester was removed, the crowd became more agitated – and reacted more violently, not waiting for security to subdue the protesters. 

“I am an Israeli, you are a de-legitimizer,” the fourth protestor screamed before being tackled by a combination of GA security and an attendee wearing a yarmulke.  

After the final protester stood up and opened a banner reading, “Young Jews say the loyalty oath delegitimizes Israel,” a man named Jeff Shapiro from San Antonio grabbed her from behind and put her in a headlock, dragging her backwards toward the floor.

"I really did not know what was going to happen, I wanted to keep her in check," he said. "I was trying to help.”

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