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  • Religious gays in Israel

    Yes, they exist. And they’re becoming better organized too. Check out this picture from a gay-friendly Shabbat service over Chanukah.  I had a chance to talk with several my last few days in Tel Aviv, and what I found boils down to this: With non-Orthodox religious options still a rarity in Israel, young gays and… More ▸

  • Jews must stop the fanatics within

    To the Editor: Re: "Spitting on Christians in Jerusalem draws rabbinic rebuke," this is merely the latest proof that a portion of Orthodox Jews are out of control. Instead of worrying about whom the pope may nominate for sainthood, Jews need to do something to halt this increasingly fanatical behavior that is reminiscent of the Zealots… More ▸

  • Non-Orthodox day schools merit support

    Thanks to Elaine Cohen for such an excellent response to Mr. Steinhardt’s comments. We all appreciate the many wonderful things Mr. Steinhardt has financed and worked for, but this time he has caused hurt to fellow Jews. If you look at the graduates of non-Orthodox day schools, you will see many committed, knowledgeable Jews dedicated… More ▸