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  • Making it last

    At the beginning of May, Rorie Weisberg, an Orthodox woman from Monsey, sued cosmetics giant Lancome claiming her makeup, advertised as 24-hour coverage, did not last the full 24 hours of Shabbat. Some saw Weisberg’s suit as ludicrous or just plain old litigious, but others are seemingly sympathetic. The Orthodox makeup problem is apparently a real one, with… More ▸

  • YU Ethics & Kashrut Live Stream Tonight

    Tonight at 7PM, Yeshiva University will be hosting a panel entitled "Kosher Question: Are Ethics and Kashrut Inextricably Linked or Unconnected?" According the Yeshiva University News: Rabbis from major Orthodox organizations will address the role that ethics plays in Jewish dietary laws at “The Kosher Quandary: Ethics and Kashrut” at Yeshiva University on Dec. 9…. More ▸