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  • Guest Post: Final Thoughts from Panama

    Rabbi Joshua Kullock with some final observation about the UJCL convention, held last week in Panama. The UJCL convention is now over, but the images and sensations of these last days keep ringing in our heads. For the first time in history, the host congregation in Panama received seven different rabbis from abroad. On Friday… More ▸

  • Guest Post: Yes, We Can!

    Abundant optimism from Panama. Joshua Kullock (second from left in the picture, and findable on Twitter: @kullock) reports from the first full plenary day on Thursday. He’s promised us some more color in his next post, but in the meantime, here’s the rundown.  Yes, we can. And we did.  The 12th UJCL Convention started this… More ▸

  • Guest Post from Panama

    Back in September, I brought you the serendipitous story of how Rabbi Joshua Kullock had found TWJ on Twitter and me (and Z&M) ended up eating at his house on the evening before Yom Kippur. At the time, he told me about an interesting meeting of progressive Latin American Jewish communities that would be taking… More ▸

  • Panama’s Grand Rabbi, Zion Levy, Dies

    Panama’s long-time Grand Rabbi Zion Levy died in Israel at the age of 83. Levy’s death last week ended his 57 years as head of the thriving Orthodox Jewish community in Panama, the Israeli embassy in Panama reported. Levy was a respected and towering figure in the country, believed to be longest-serving leader in the… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World Rabbi in Panama Has Built Thriving Jewish Community

    When Zion Levy arrived in Panama for his first assignment as a rabbi at the age of 26, he seriously wondered what his superiors in his native Jerusalem were thinking in sending him. He found a Sephardi community of 210 families, none of whom kept kosher and whose respect for the Sabbath was selective. He… More ▸

  • 10 Years After Panama Airline Bomb, Jews Are Pained by Lack of Suspects

    Sitting in her impeccably furnished living room on the 20th floor of one of this city’s modern high-rises, Yvonne Attie’s petite frame and dignified posture exude calmness and fortitude. But as she approaches the 10th anniversary of the day a bomb on a local commuter flight killed her husband, she finds it impossible to keep… More ▸