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Paul Rudd

  • Deal Roundup: What’s in store for Samberg, Douglas and Stiller

    “Ant-Man” is shaping up to be quite the Jewish superhero flick. According to Variety, Michael Douglas will star as Hank Pym, joining already-committed Paul Rudd. At first everyone thought Rudd was playing Pym, but instead he’s really playing Scott Lang, a reformed thief. The confusion stems from the fact both Pym and Lang have been alter-egos of… More ▸

  • Watch: Paul Rudd make out with Barbara Walters on GMA

    If anyone ever decides to do a Jewish remake of “Harold and Maude” they need look no further than this morning’s edition of “Good Morning America” for casting ideas. When nobody was watching, Paul Rudd, on the show to promote “Anchorman 2,” totally put the moves on host Barbara Walters. Age shmage — these two… More ▸

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd vying for ‘Ant-Man’ role

    It’s tempting to assume that Marvel’s latest comic book feature, “Ant-Man,” will be a Jewish film — and not just because the title sounds like a Semitic surname. Two Jewish actors, Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Paul Rudd, are the front-runners for the lead role, Variety reports. This won’t be another Hebrew Hammer, though. “Ant-Man” centers on… More ▸

  • Famous Jewish dads we love

    Stressed out over what to do for dad this Father’s day? No tips here, but we can offer you a distraction in the form of a list of our favorite Jewish celebrity dads. More ▸

  • Out today: The Lonely Island’s ‘Wack Album’

    The Lonely Island has been so good to us lately, putting out awesome videos every Wednesday and whatnot. We’d like to return the favor with this little plug for their “Wack Album,” which hits stores today. As part of their own promotion they’ve also just released the video for for “Go Kindergarten,” which features Robyn,… More ▸

  • James Franco paints ad for ‘This is The End’

    Proving once again that there isn’t anything he doesn’t do, James Franco has created marketing material for his upcoming film “This is The End.” The actor/artist/Ph.D. candidate was spotted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn over the weekend painting a mural of the movie’s cast on the side of a building. This work of art not only reminded… More ▸

  • ‘The Hangover’ almost starred Jake Gyllenaal, Jonah Hill, and more

    Bradlely Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis were not on most peoples’ radar back in 2007. Which is probably why the people casting “The Hangover” were initially trying for more famous–and, it jus The first actor associated with the project was Jack Black, who dropped out early on, director Todd Phillips told The Hollywood Reporter…. More ▸

  • Paul Rudd pranks Conan… again.

    It may have been a day late, but Paul Rudd delivered a great April Fool’s joke. The victim: Conan O’Brien. The prank: Instead of showing a teaser of “Anchorman 2″ on last night’s show, Rudd showed a clip from the 1988 E.T. ripoff film “Mac and Me.” Why is that funny? Well, first of all… More ▸