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  • Israel’s Left Wing Realigns Ahead of Feb. Elections

    With Israel’s general election less than three months away, the once all-powerful Labor Party seems to be in disarray. A new left-wing alliance forming around the dovish Meretz Party seems likely to encroach on its political space. Ex-Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon, who narrowly lost the June 2007 Labor leadership primary to Ehud Barak, has… More ▸

  • Australian Leaders Voice Concerns to Foreign Minister

    A high-profile delegation of Jewish leaders met with Australia’s foreign minister in a bid to assuage concerns of a rift over U.N. resolutions on Israel. Representatives of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the Zionist Federation of Australia and the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council urged Stephen Smith in their meeting Nov. 13 in Canberra… More ▸

  • Will J Street Money Translate into Influence?

    Can fund-raising success translate into Capitol Hill clout? That’s the question facing J Street after the new liberal pro-Israel political action committee raised nearly $570,000 for 41 U.S. House and Senate candidates — a total far surpassing most other pro-Israel PACs. Even some of the group’s critics called J Street’s fund-raising prowess impressive for an… More ▸

  • Peres Praises Saudi Peace Plan

    The Saudi-led peace initiative is a “serious opening for real progress,” Shimon Peres told a United Nations gathering. “We cannot change the past. However, we can shape our future,” Israel’s president said of the conflict between Israel and ts Arab neighbors during an address Wednesday to the U.N. interfaith dialogue summit. “This seems more feasible… More ▸

  • No Final Dramas for Bush in Middle East

    When it comes to the Middle East and the Bush-Obama transition, the most dramatic element might be the lack of drama. Just a year ago, the Bush administration was talking about the creation of a Palestinian state by the end of the year and pledging to resolve the crisis over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. On both… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Olmert: Israel should cede eastern Jerusalem Israel should cede parts of eastern Jerusalem and retreat to near its pre-1967 borders, Ehud Olmert said. By returning to its pre-1967 borders, Olmert said, Israel will be able to “cultivate a new Zionism that is practical, realistic, responsible and courageous.” But, he added, “If, God forbid, we procrastinate,… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Britain asks E.U. to curb West Bank imports Britain is calling for a curb on the import of products from Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The curbs are a “practical step” toward halting the expansion of settlements, the letter said. The Independent says the initiative indicates the frustration of British officials over the continued… More ▸

  • Obama Faces Global Disarray, Mideast Challenges

    Barack Obama emerges from a maelstrom into a vacuum. The U.S. senator from Illinois has survived the longest and roughest election season in memory to assume control of a free world in free fall: A collapsing economy, a resurgent Iran, an obstreperous Russia. “He’s going to have his hands full with a recession, a housing… More ▸

  • In Galilee, Israeli Arabs Finding Greener Grass in Jewish Areas

    Saher and Fida Abudbai grew up and lived most of their lives in Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel. Now they live in the hills above in what is considered a Jewish city, Nazareth Ilit. They would have preferred to stay in Nazareth, near their families, friends and work. Its labyrinth of steep, winding… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Rice to go to Mideast Condoleezza Rice will travel to the Middle East after the U.S. elections to push the peace process. The talks will aim “to achieve positive and lasting peace in the region consistent with the Annapolis process and the shared goal of a two-state solution,” the statement said, referring to last year’s… More ▸