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presidential race

  • The Khalidi Chronicles — the McCain connection (UPDATE #2)

    Republican Jews, and other McCain supporters, have been paying a lot of attention to Barack Obama’s relationship with Rashid Khalidi. But John McCain has his own affiliation with the Palestinian-American academic and activist. McCain has been chairman of the International Republican Institute since 1993, an organization which "advances freedom and democracy worldwide by developing political… More ▸

  • Continuing fallout from Pa. GOP letter

    The fallout continues over the Pa. GOP letter that suggested that a vote for Barack Obama could lead to another Holocaust. After JTA’s initial reports on the letter and the public apology issued by one of the Jewish signatories, former state supreme court justice Sandra Schultz Newman, the mainstream media has latched on to the… More ▸

  • Checking the footnotes

    It’s the last week of a very long campaign, so nothing can go unanswered – even an ad’s footnotes. The Republican Jewish Coalition on Tuesday released the last in its controversial series of advertisements attacking Barack Obama for his foreign policy views and advisers, which will appearing in Jewish newspapers later this week. The ad… More ▸

  • Political tidbits: Burns likes Obama’s stance on Iran, Fleischer calls Obama new Carter (UPDATED)

    Former Bush administration official Nicholas Burns says Barack Obama is right: The United States should talk to adversaries like Iran, in Newsweek. Former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer calls Barack Obama “the Jimmy Carter of the 21st century” and brings up Jeremiah Wright when talking to Jewish voters in Las Vegas, reports the Wall Street… More ▸

  • Secretary of State Kerry?

    Who might be Secretary of State in a potential Barack Obama administration? Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk, making his debut as a surrogate for Obama last Thursday night in Richmond, said he’d bet on Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.). In response to a question from the audience, Indyk admitted he wasn’t in Obama’s “inner… More ▸

  • John and Sarah Shmoe?

    “‘O’ & Joe or The Shmoes” – that’s the slogan on a new campaign button from the National Jewish Democratic Council. For an $18 donation, you’ll get a button with caricatures of the four candidates and the slogan – with John McCain and Sarah Palin pegged as “The Shmoes.” NJDC executive director Ira Forman said… More ▸

  • Holocaust hype enters the elections

    Just days after an email to 75,000 Pennsylvania Jews suggested that a vote for Barack Obama could cause another Holocaust, at least two of the signatories to the letter are distancing themselves from it. This after the political operative who apparently wrote the letter was fired. The letter, paid for by the state Republican Party,… More ▸