John and Sarah Shmoe?


“‘O’ & Joe or The Shmoes” – that’s the slogan on a new campaign button from the National Jewish Democratic Council.

For an $18 donation, you’ll get a button with caricatures of the four candidates and the slogan – with John McCain and Sarah Palin pegged as “The Shmoes.”

NJDC executive director Ira Forman said he was just injecting some fun into the campaign, but the Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matt Brooks isn’t amused by the group’s use of the Yiddish term, which means a stupid or obnoxious person.

“It’s disrespectful, in bad taste and not appropriate,” said Brooks.

The RJC has been using some rough language of its own in the last few weeks – although none of it has been in Yiddish. The group has called Barack Obama “reckless,” “dangerous,” “weak,” and “naive,” in newspaper advertisements.

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