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Rabbi Shlomo Amar

  • Offended by Rabbi Amar

    To the Editor: Like thousands of other Masorti Jews living in Israel, I am deeply offended by Rabbi Amar’s comments. Rather than list his inaccuracies (Masorti Jews do follow halachah, for one), I want him to know that while many Masorti Jews living in Israel came from the United States, many also were born in… More ▸

  • Agreeing with Rabbi Amar on conversion bill

    To the Editor: Having read the Op-Ed by the chief rabbi and the Conservative/Reform and Jewish Federations of North America responses, I was surprised that I found myself agreeing with Chief Rabbi Amar on several points. I say surprised because I had always seen this type of bill as a potential split in world Jewry…. More ▸

  • Medieval viewpoint

    To the Editor: Rabbi Amar’s Op-Ed represents a medieval point of view that for me, and I believe for many Jews in the Diaspora, is a deal breaker in my relationship with Israel. I was born and raised, and have spent all my life in the United States, experiencing the benefits of secularism, personal liberty… More ▸