• Serbian Prime Minister Pledges Support for Synagogue Restoration

    Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic visited Subotica’s historic synagogue this week and pledged government support for efforts to restore the run-down structure as a symbol of tolerance and multiculturalism. “This building is so beautiful,” he said Sunday, following a performance by Jewish pupils inside the dilapidated sanctuary. “I look forward to coming back here for… More ▸

  • Report: with West Busy in Serbia, Iraq Buying Nuclear Arms Material

    Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is exploiting NATO’s preoccupation with the Balkans by accelerating the search for components used in nonconventional weapons, according to the London-based newsletter Foreign Report. Quoting Middle East sources, the newsletter said Saddam’s representatives abroad have been ordered to purchase equipment for developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missile delivery systems. They have… More ▸

  • Serbian Jewish Activists Horrified by the War, Stress Common History

    When Dusica Savic Benghiat makes her daily phone call to her mother in Belgrade, she can frequently hear the air raid sirens as a backdrop to the 78-year-old. woman’s increasingly discouraged voice. “My mother tells me she doesn’t care anymore. She just stays in bed. If the bombs miss her, that’s fine, and if they… More ▸

  • Report: Serbia and Iraq Forging Military Alliance to Combat Allies

    The two international pariahs, Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, have entered a secret military alliance that will improve their ability to defy the West and withstand Allied bombing raids, according to reports this week in London. There is also mounting concern that Moscow, which opposes military action against both Serbia and Iraq, actively… More ▸

  • About 190 Jews Evacuate Serbia As Nato Bombing Attacks Continue

    As NATO strikes continue in Kosovo and Yugoslavia, some Jews are choosing to leave the war-torn areas. About 190 Jews from Belgrade, Novi Sad and elsewhere in Yugoslavia have made their way to Budapest in recent days and are being cared for by the Budapest Jewish community, according to the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee…. More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World (part 3): Vibrant Serbian Community Enjoying Jewish Resurgence

    Last summer, crisis-ridden Belgrade was the scene of a particularly joyous simcha. Two young members of the Belgrade Jewish community celebrated their wedding in the city’s sole synagogue. It was the first full-scale, traditional synagogue wedding in the city in many years. “You start a new life when you get married,” 29-year-old Dejan Petrovic, who… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: in Ethnically Mixed Serbian Town, a Community Recalls Wwii Deportations

    In the gloriously ornate, tragically abandoned synagogue in this ethnically mixed town in Serbia’s Vojvodina province, a Roman Catholic choir sings “Shalom Aleichem” to an audience of Hungarians, Serbs, Croats and Jews. The song was part of a unique ecumenical service that joined Yugoslavia’s only rabbi, Cadik Danon, with local Catholic, Protestant and Serbian Orthodox… More ▸

  • Kahane Chai Leader Shows Support for Serbian Side of Yugoslav War

    As hundreds of people gathered before Toronto’s stately Ontario parliament buildings earlier this month to remember those killed by the Nazis, a speaker from New York drew a taut connection between the Jewish people’s history and the situation in the former Yugoslavia. Then he led the crowd in a chant. Serbska! Judea! Serbska! Judea! Serbska… More ▸