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  • Serbian Cemetery Being Renovated, Easing Tiff Between Jews and Gypsies

    A historic Serbian Jewish cemetery that for decades has been home to hundreds of Gypsies is getting a face lift after an agreement negotiated by the head of the tiny Jewish community in the town of Nis. The cemetery, which has been at the center of a dispute between local Jews and Gypsies, or Roma,… More ▸

  • Arts & Culture Director and Cantor Find That Plays on Jewish Themes Resonate in Serbia

    Serbian Jewish theater director Stefan Sablic has another hit on his hands, a deeply disturbing play set in the 1930s about a German Jewish immigrant in America and his former best friend, who becomes a Nazi. Sablic’s adaptation of “Address Unknown,” by Katherine Kressman Taylor, opened recently in Belgrade to enthusiastic audiences and extensive media… More ▸

  • After Prime Minister’s Assassination, Serbian Jews Feel Sorrow — and Fear

    Serbia’s Jews are mourning the assassination of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, who was hailed as a “great friend” of the Jewish community. A board meeting of the Jewish community in Subotica, Serbia, had just begun Wednesday when word came that Djindjic had been gunned down outside his office in Belgrade. “We had just started our… More ▸

  • Serbian Author Lambasted for Using Old Anti-semitic Slur

    A 60-year-old lie about the role of Jews at a concentration camp operated by Croatia’s wartime Ustashe fascist regime has once again surfaced. Serbian scholar Milan Bulajic alleged in his 1989 book, “The Genocidal Crimes of the Ustashes,” that Jews held privileged positions in the Jasenovac concentration camp and were partly responsible for the mass… More ▸

  • Serbian Prime Minister Pledges Support for Synagogue Restoration

    Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic visited Subotica’s historic synagogue this week and pledged government support for efforts to restore the run-down structure as a symbol of tolerance and multiculturalism. “This building is so beautiful,” he said Sunday, following a performance by Jewish pupils inside the dilapidated sanctuary. “I look forward to coming back here for… More ▸

  • Report: with West Busy in Serbia, Iraq Buying Nuclear Arms Material

    Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is exploiting NATO’s preoccupation with the Balkans by accelerating the search for components used in nonconventional weapons, according to the London-based newsletter Foreign Report. Quoting Middle East sources, the newsletter said Saddam’s representatives abroad have been ordered to purchase equipment for developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missile delivery systems. They have… More ▸

  • Serbian Jewish Activists Horrified by the War, Stress Common History

    When Dusica Savic Benghiat makes her daily phone call to her mother in Belgrade, she can frequently hear the air raid sirens as a backdrop to the 78-year-old. woman’s increasingly discouraged voice. “My mother tells me she doesn’t care anymore. She just stays in bed. If the bombs miss her, that’s fine, and if they… More ▸