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  • New recipes for Shavuot tradition

    Jeffrey Nathan describes his unlikely path from dishwasher and Navy cook to renowned chef, and how he turned a mistake in preparing a Shavuot dessert into a savory holiday appetizer, smoked salmon cheesecake. More ▸

  • Focus on Family No Loopholes on Shavuot: 3,315 Years of Jewish Law Honored

    “You know, Rabbi Hal, there’s no contract that can’t be broken,” my son Danny said to the teacher of his sixth-grade Judaic studies class. There are advantages to being the son of a lawyer. Danny, 12, knows the difference between slander and libel. He knows, under the California Civil Code, that gift certificates, with few… More ▸

  • Shavuot: the long arm of Jewish law

    Jane Ulman explains how her 12-year-old son Danny, a firm believer in legal loopholes, discovered that he’s contractually bound by Jewish law handed down 3,315 years before he was even born. On Shavuot, Jews take time to recall the all-encompassing Jewish More ▸

  • Argentine Jews come together for Shavuot

    A Shavuot celebration in Buenos Aires’ Belgrano neighborhood, organized by the local Tzedaka social service organization and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, was meant to bring together an Argentine Jewish community devastated by the coun More ▸

  • Shavuot: In praise of a much-neglected soup

    NEW YORK, May 10 (JTA) – "My mother used to leave jars full of schav in the refrigerator," says a friend of mine. "Because the stuff looked like seaweed, I would run from the kitchen in horror." Schav, the khaki-colored soup once savored by Ashkenazi Jews, has fallen on hard times in recent decades. Foods… More ▸