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  • Italian Jewish Leader Named to Probe of Abuse in Somalia

    The Italian government has named Jewish leader Tullia Zevi to a high-level commission charged with probing allegations that Italian troops in Somalia carried out brutal human rights abuses. Zevi, who is one of Italy’s most prominent women, is regarded as a moral voice in Italy because of her position as president of the Italian Jewish… More ▸

  • Israeli Kids Collecting Candy to Cheer Children of Somalia

    Schoolchildren throughout Israel have begun collecting sweets to be distributed to the children of Somalia, in a campaign organized by the Education Ministry, the League of Local Authorities and peace activist Abie Nathan. Nissim Krupsky, mayor of Rishon le-Zion and coordinator of the operation, said the children would begin bringing sweets to their schools, from… More ▸

  • Religious Leaders Call on U.S. to Take Action in Bosnia, Somalia

    In a rare show of unity, Jewish, Moslem, Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox religious leaders have called jointly on the U.S. government to take stronger action in war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina, and in Somalia, where people are starving in a man-made famine. The leaders gathered Tuesday to demand that the Bush administration “see to it, by whatever… More ▸

  • Somalian Chief to Accept Aid from Abie Nathan and Israel

    Gen. Mohamed Farah Aideed, chairman of the Somali National Alliance, has accepted an offer of aid for starving and homeless refugees from Israeli philanthropist Abie Nathan and said he welcomes humanitarian aid from Israel and its non-governmental organizations. Aideed also invited Nathan and representatives of his Voice of Peace organization to visit Somalia to discuss… More ▸

  • Nathan in U.S. to Raise Somalia Funds

    Israeli peace activist Abie Nathan flew to the United States on Wednesday in an attempt to raise $1 million to build a refugee tent city on the Somalian-Kenyan border. During the visit, Nathan expects to meet with leaders of American Jewish organizations. He expressed hope that the Americans will use their expertise in fund-raising for… More ▸

  • Israel Airlifts Aid to Zagreb, Considers Shipment to Somalia

    An Israeli air force Hercules transport plane flew some 15 tons of medical and humanitarian aid to the Croatian capital of Zagreb on Tuesday morning and returned home without having switched off its engines in between flights. But the plane was unable to continue on to Bosnia-Herzegovina, as the airfield in Sarajevo was closed after… More ▸

  • Somalia Foreign Minister Says His Country Considers Itself at War with Israel

    The Foreign Minister of Somalia, Omar Arteh. has stated that his country is in the forefront of the Arabs’ anti-Israel battle and considers itself at war with Israel, according to the Cairo newspaper Al Akhbar. The report said Mr. Arteh was interviewed in Geneva where hearings on Israeli treatment of Arab prisoners were being conducted… More ▸