Israeli Arabs indicted for murdering cab driver


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Three Israeli Arabs who allegedly are part of a global jihad cell were charged with the murder of an Israeli cab driver.

The announcement of the indictment was made Monday after a gag order was lifted on the case.

Cab driver Yefim Weinstein of Nazareth was found dead in his cab last November.

Police said the men, allegedly part of a seven-member terror cell in Israel, admitted that they had decided to murder a Jew and that their victim would be a taxi driver, Haaretz reported. They range in age from 21 to 26.

The suspects also were allegedly involved in attacks against Jewish and Christian targets in recent years, including an arson attack on several tourist buses, and allegedly stabbed a pizza delivery man in Nazareth Illit. Some reportedly attempted to travel to an al-Qaida training camp in Somalia but were denied entry into the country. 

The men downloaded al-Qaida propaganda movies and speeches by Osama bin Laden, according to reports.

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