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  • Andrew Garfield says Spiderman is Jewish

    Andrew Garfield, a British actor most famous for playing the iconic superhero in the most recent run of Spiderman movies, has given us a new Spidey revelation in advance of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2″: Peter Parker is totally Jewish. “Peter Parker is not a simple dude,” the slender actor told Time Out London. “He ums… More ▸

  • The Adventures of Moishe Batmann And Tzabar Szpeiderman (SONG)

    Batman and Superman are the hottest tickets in Hollywood right now, so a dude named Sauce Magnusson(?) wrote this song about the Jewish superheroes Moishe Batmann And Tzabar Szpeiderman – protectors of Tel Aviv.  It’s also available on iTunes. Listen to it below (lyrics in available here). Song highlights: My name is Moishe Batmann and I… More ▸

  • Stan Lee’s fight with Conan

    No, Stan Lee has no beef with Conan O’Brien, the affable redheaded late night comic. His problem is with the makers of the new Conan the Barbarian flick. He claims that the rights to the character belong to him and is demanding to receive the profits from the flick, which recently opened with a $10… More ▸