Stan Lee’s fight with Conan


Photo by Edward Liu

No, Stan Lee has no beef with Conan O’Brien, the affable redheaded late night comic. His problem is with the makers of the new Conan the Barbarian flick. He claims that the rights to the character belong to him and is demanding to receive the profits from the flick, which recently opened with a $10 million weekend.

The comic book legend and Spider-Man creator, born Stanley Martin Lieber, has sued in federal court, claiming that his company, Stan Lee Media, has retained the rights to the character despite going bankrupt in 2001.

I think Stan Lee should leave Conan to the barbarians (or in the modern parlance, film execs). After all, he already owns the massive, beast-like equivalent in The Hulk, whose alter ego is a doctah! (Or Ph.D. Close enough.) Much more Jewish.

Also, has there ever been a name less Jewish than “Conan the Barbarian”? I don’t think so.

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