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  • Jerry Seinfeld, for the Super Bowl (commercial) win!

    Jerry Seinfeld is in the running for my choice of best friend. Not only do I appreciate his reclusive response to Hollywood grandeur (ahh, woes of fandom), but he really just reminds me of all my funny Jewish boy friends. He’s got the jeans and sneakers look, the frizzy hair, and the droopy shouldered puppy… More ▸

  • Is Heebow the reason Tebow lost last Sunday?

    Three months after the whole “Tim Tebow can’t play but he triumphs in the 4th quarter because he really believes in Jesus,” and two months after Tebowing became the new planking, the Tebow bandwagon has been officially destroyed. Why? It’s quite simple:  Tebow just stopped winning (though for the record I don’t even think Jesus… More ▸

  • Adam Lambert’s fans want him to be the next Superbowl Idol

    Adam Lambert (yes, the one of bar fight fame, if nothing else) seems to have quite the twitter following. His fans have recently started a “twitition” calling for Adam to sing the National Anthem at the 2012 Superbowl. Their reasons are as follows: He is from Indianapolis (they must have been outraged that Bachmann lost… More ▸

  • Oh no he di’int! Gene Simmons calls out Madonna as a lip-syncher

    Oh, just KISS and make up, you mid-Eighties rock stars! Gene Simmons went on offense yesterday when TMZ asked him if Madonna was the right choice for the upcoming Superbowl half-time show. “I love all karaoke singers, I love all the girl singers who get up and sing with tapes,” Simmons sarcastically replies. Ultimately, he… More ▸

  • Amar’e Stoudemire teaches Hebrew, for real

    So the rumors about the Amar’e Stoudemire’s Hebrew School remain rumors. But the New York Knicks all-star continues with his weekly “Seriously, I am Jewish” segment, this time with an adorable video for “Shalom Sesame,” which teaches young Jewish kids how to say the word “good” in Hebrew. Stoudemire shows off his Hebrew skills by… More ▸

  • After LeBron, Kobe shoots hoops with some Jews

    A few weeks after LeBron James took advantage of the NBA lockout and went to play some pick-up basketball with a bunch of Cleveland JCCers, it was Kobe’s turn to show off his skills to the chosen people.
    TMZ reports that the Black Mamba showed up at a JCC in Irvine, Calif., and asked to borrow the court for a private training session with a personal trainer. According to TMZ, the people at the JCC said that he “couldn’t have been nicer.”
    Judging from the video, Kobe looks pretty good. The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to play the Miami Heat twice this year. Do you think Kobe and LeBron will exchange some Jewish basketball experiences?
    watch the video after the jump More ▸

  • Is Amar’e Stoudemire opening a Hebrew school?

    Here is an interesting piece of gossip from New York Daily News gossip page: A source close to the New York Knick tells us the power forward is interested in opening a Hebrew school, which would focus on teaching the language and Jewish history. The insider says the idea appears to be on the back… More ▸

  • LeBron taking his talents to the JCC

    With 24 hours left before the deadline imposed by NBA owners, and with the  complete season on the line, some NBA players are staying busy making ads. A new Nike spot, titled “Basketball Never Stops,” shows players shooting hoops in random places around the world. Which is kinda weird. I thought they were busy negotiating… More ▸

  • Adam Sandler will get you to the World Series

    …if you work for him. The Belleville News Democrat of Belleville, Ill., reports that Jeff Bergman, an employee of Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, really wanted to fly to St. Louis to see his beloved Cardinals play Game 1 of the World Series against the Texas Rangers. It just so happens that radio station 101 ESPN in… More ▸