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  • Success in Swiss Banks Case Overshadowed by Lawyer’s Fee Row

    The success of a landmark $1.25 billion settlement for Holocaust victims risks devolving into a bitter public spat over the fee an attorney is charging on the case. A ruling is expected any day on whether Burt Neuborne, the New York University law professor who served as lead settlement counsel for survivors in the Swiss… More ▸

  • What to Do with Swiss Bank Award? Record-setting Payout Goes to Victims

    On April 14, Maria Altmann, a tall, animated lady of 89, found her story splashed on the front pages of The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. What had made her newsworthy, and had kept her phone ringing incessantly, was an award of $21.8 million to her and her extended family for losses… More ▸

  • Fires Strike Synagogue, Store in Resort Town in Switzerland

    This week’s fires in a synagogue and a Jewish-owned clothing store here are being called rare acts of anti-Semitic violence in Switzerland. “This kind of violence against Jewish institutions in Switzerland is new. Nobody remembers a similar act,” said Thomas Lyssy, a spokesman for the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities. Police are investigating both cases… More ▸

  • Agreement in Swiss Bank Case Could Mean More for Survivors

    Swiss banks and the U.S. judge overseeing a $1.25 billion settlement of Holocaust-era claims have reached an agreement that may yield hundreds of millions of dollars in additional assets for survivors and their heirs. Reached June 10 between Credit Suisse, UBS AG and the U.S. District Court of Eastern New York, the agreement for the… More ▸

  • In Letter, Claims Conference Weighs in on Swiss Bank Payments

    A battle is brewing at the main organization managing Holocaust restitution payments over how a massive Swiss bank fund should be distributed among survivors. Two senior members of the Claims Conference, which distributes restitution payments from Germany and other nations to Holocaust survivors, have urged an adviser to the judge overseeing the $1.25 Swiss bank… More ▸

  • Israeli Officials Jump into Fray over Use of Swiss Bank Settlement

    Israeli officials are blasting recommendations that money from the $1.25 billion Swiss banks settlement should be used to help Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union before others. The criticism surfaced Sunday in a special meeting of the Knesset’s Ministerial Committee on the Restoration of Jewish Property, which included Cabinet minister Natan Sharansky and Sallai… More ▸

  • Israeli Groups Set to Challenge Recommendations on Swiss Fund

    Senior Israeli officials are preparing to challenge a report to a federal judge urging that Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union be given compensation priority from the $1.25 billion Swiss bank settlement ahead of survivors in Israel. The Knesset’s Ministerial Committee on the Restoration of Jewish Property is set to meet Sunday on the… More ▸

  • Survivor Groups Set for Battle After New Proposal on Swiss Banks Money

    The U.S. federal court overseeing the $1.25 billion Swiss banks Holocaust settlement this week moved a step closer to awarding much of the remaining money to poor survivors in the former Soviet Union. Judge Edward Korman of the U.S. District Court of Eastern New York ultimately will decide how the approximately $650 million remaining will… More ▸

  • As Ruling Nears in Swiss Bank Case, Groups Demand a Piece of the Money

    A chunk of the remaining money in the $1.25 billion Holocaust-era Swiss banks settlement seems headed to the poorest of Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union. That was the most likely scenario after the presiding judge in the case, Edward Korman of the U.S. District Court of Eastern New York, issued a scathing rebuke… More ▸