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  • Jews Mark Legendary Tunisian Rabbi’s Death

    Hundreds gathered at the Jewish cemetery in Tunis to pay homage to a revered scholar who, according to legend, drank himself to death after his wife burned all of his collected work. Tuesday’s attendance for the annual commemoration of Rabbi Hai Taieb’s death reportedly was the largest ever — 500 to 700. Guests from France… More ▸

  • Marking a rabbi’s death in Tunis

    Jerry Sorkin, a Philadelphia-area businessman who promotes travel to Tunisia and has strong Jewish ties there, has filed a report of an unusual and colorful gathering of Tunisian Jews paying homage to a revered scholar who, according to legend, drank himself to death after his wife burned all of his collected works. Here’s the gist… More ▸

  • Historic Pilgrimage in Tunisia Revives After 2002 Terror Attack

    With hundreds of policemen lining the roads, X-ray machines blocking the entrance to an ancient synagogue and a police helicopter circling overhead, some 5,000 Jews joyously celebrated the annual Ghriba pilgrimage on this Tunisian island. The heavy security at the May 6 event was intended to prevent a repeat of a 2002 terrorist attack against… More ▸

  • Nazi Victims Interned in Tunisia Entitled to German Compensation

    Former inmates of Nazi prison camps in Tunisia may now apply for compensation from Germany. Tuesday’s announcement followed negotiations between the Claims Conference and Germany’s Finance Ministry. Germany committed some $280 million to this and several related causes. “It is the first time that the suffering of women and children in Tunisia has been recognized,”… More ▸

  • High Holidays Feature a Feast from Jewish Tunisia: It’s a Sensual Dream Come True

    Imagine a Rosh Hashanah table adorned with fruits and vegetables galore. Ruby red pomegranates beckon; their jellied seeds symbolize your good deeds in the coming year. A bowl of crunchy sesame seeds promises that your virtues will be as numerous as sesames seeds themselves. You partake in pumpkins and squash for protection; you nibble on… More ▸

  • Germany Probes Possibility of Terror in Explosion at Tunisian Synagogue

    Echoing the suspicions of Israeli officials, Germany has taken the lead in investigating whether a truck explosion at a Tunisian synagogue was a terrorist attack. On Monday, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said the April 11 explosion on the Tunisian island of Jerba may have been deliberate. “There are indications of an attack, but no final… More ▸