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  • Bibi draws a bomb at the UNGA, the internet explodes

    Say what you want about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but the man is a self-made Internet sensation.
    Whether it’s comments about ducks, holiday greetings with cats and parrots, dark Time Magazine covers or epic photobombing, Bibi can generate serious Internet buzz. Today the world was looking to see what Netanyahu would present at his speech at the annual United Nations General Assembly, and boy, he did not disappoint.
    When talking about Iran and the famous “red line,” or point of no return, Bibi took a sketch of an ACME bomb and actually drew a red line. That was enough to make the Israeli meme nation very happy and very busy.
    Here are the results, starting with some Looney Tunes and Wile E. Coyote references: More ▸