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  • Political Tidbits: Obama has Joe, shouldn’t McCain get one too?

    William Kristol makes the case for the McCain-Lieberman ticket. And Joe makes the case for a vow of silence. The New York Sun wonders if Barack Obama is taking the Empire State for granted. A blind rabbi and a Chinese Jew running for Congress walk into a Democratic convention. Madonna goes Hitler on McCain. …… More ▸

  • Political Tidbits: Kicking off convention, debating Biden

    The Jerusalem Post reflects on Jewish Colorado and the wisdom of holding the Democratic convention in Denver. The New York Sun says Jews at the convention are kvelling over the Biden pick. Here’s why they should be, according to the National Jewish Democratic Council. And the Republican Jewish Coalition plays the Iran card in making… More ▸

  • Jewish Republicans: Biden’s soft on Iran

    Here’s the statement released by the Republican Jewish Coalition: Washington, D.C. (August 23, 2008) – Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) Executive Director Matt Brooks issued the following statement today: “With the selection of Senator Joe Biden as Senator Obama’s vice president, the Democrat’s ticket has now become an even greater gamble for the Jewish community. Throughout… More ▸

  • Biden and the Jews

    JTA’s Ron Kampeas and Eric Fingerhut have a story up about Joe Biden’s longstanding relationship with Israel and the Jewish community: Before he announced his vice presidential pick on Saturday, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said he wanted someone to spar with but who ultimately would be loyal enough to create a comfortable working relationship…. More ▸

  • Political tidbits

    MSNBC’s First Read reports that Dan Shapiro, Obama’s new senior foreign policy adviser and Jewish outreach coordinator, lobbied for the American Petroleum Institute – but the campaign responds that he de-registered as a lobbyist before joining the campaign. Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times notes two instances yesterday of Republicans “making plays to erode Obama’s… More ▸

  • Lieberman: Still an asset in attracting Jewish votes?

    Sure, Joe Lieberman was very popular among Jewish voters in 2000, but would his inclusion on the Republican presidential ticket this year inspire significant numbers of them to jump to the GOP? Jewish McCain supporters say yes, but a recent poll indicates the Connecticut senator might not be much of a draw anymore among his… More ▸

  • No Joementum among Republicans

    When Al Gore picked Joe Lieberman as his running mate eight years ago, many Republicans said he was their favorite Democrat. But that doesn’t mean they want him to be the Republican vice presidential nominee. The Politico’s report that Lieberman, or fellow pro-choice politician Tom Ridge, was apparently being seriously considered as John McCain’s vice… More ▸

  • No clear-cut favorite for Dem VP among Jewish activists

    As Barack Obama gets ready to roll out his running mate, Jewish political insiders and activists say they would welcome any of the three most talked about possibilities. Some say Sen. Joseph Biden’s (D-Del.) extensive experience on foreign policy issues makes him a big favorite among pro-Israel activists, but others prefer Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.)… More ▸

  • What did they call him?

    Is the Associated Press unconsciously channeling the feelings of many Democrats about Joe Lieberman? Check out the typo in the 10th paragraph of this AP story on vice presidential speculation, which includes an extra letter when describing the 2000 Democratic VP pick. More ▸