Political Tidbits: Obama has Joe, shouldn’t McCain get one too?


William Kristol makes the case for the McCain-Lieberman ticket. And Joe makes the case for a vow of silence.

The New York Sun wonders if Barack Obama is taking the Empire State for granted.

A blind rabbi and a Chinese Jew running for Congress walk into a Democratic convention.

Madonna goes Hitler on McCain. … and the ADL cries foul.

Bill Daley: “A big piece of why Biden is the obvious choice is because he is Catholic and is very good with Jewish voters. Obama’s got problems with the Catholic vote and Biden will calm the nerves of Jewish voters in Florida. He is a big supporter of Israel.”

And former Hillary Clinton spokeswoman Lisa Caputo: “Very pro-Israel, Joe Biden, which will help with Jewish voters.”

Republicans Abroad Israel use the Georgia crisis to compare Obama to Jimmy Carter.

Ha’aretz takes a look at the Obama campaign’s high-tech efforts to fight anti-Obama attacks.

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