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  • Another Jewish VP possibility?

    How about Carl Levin for Barack Obama’s VP? Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic makes a pretty good case–national security experience, attractive to Jewish voters–but doubts it will happen because we haven’t yet heard the Michigan senator’s name floated. Meanwhile, over on the GOP side, Joe Lieberman’s name is once more being bandied about as… More ▸

  • Obama and Hagel? Maybe, but not in Israel

    In the ooops category … The Republican Jewish Coalition issued a statement Monday blasting Barack Obama for planning to take Chuck Hagel with him on his upcoming trip to Israel [UPDATE: RJC has taken down the statement from its Web site and issued a new statement]. To hammer home the point, the RJC cited a… More ▸


    Hey, you like Eric Cantory? Think he’d make a good Veep? Well, look what just came across the transom: News from For more information contact: Conservatives Launch Grassroots Campaign to Influence McCain RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (06/17/2008; 1116)(readMedia)– A group of politically unaffiliated concerned Americans have come together to make a serious effort to change… More ▸