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  • Polish Jews in Russia Enlist in Polish Army There; Nazis Kill 4,000 Foreign Jews

    British correspondents in Russia who are now visiting polish military units in Western Ukraine today reported that Jews constitute six percent of the Polish Army which is fighting against the Germans on the Russian front. The Jews in the Polish fighting forces in Russia are all volunteers, the correspondents disclose. The Jewish refugees were exempted… More ▸

  • Underground Eye-witnesses Confirm All Polish Ghettos Have Been Liquidated

    Two representatives of the Jewish underground in Poland who reached Palestine this week told today how last September they witnessed the liquidation of the Tarnow ghetto during which the Germans flung aged persons and children from high buildings to their death on the pavements below. Addressing a press conference, the Polish Jews confirmed that all… More ▸

  • Jewish Guerilia Unit in Poland Avenges “liquidated” Ghettos; Kills Officials

    A unique Jewish guerilla unit, numbering more than young Jews who escaped from the liquidated ghettos in various sections of occupied and, is now terrorizing Germans in the Lublin district, it was reported here today Jewish leaders from Poland. The unit is known all over Poland as “Ghetto Guerillas” and publishes its own undestine newspaper… More ▸

  • 15,000 Jewish Force Laborers Brought to Arsap After Liquidation of Ghetto

    Fifteen-thousand Jews were quartered in the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto as of July 1, having been brought there from other parts of Poland for slave labor, after all the original residents were either murdered or deported at the conclusion of the battle in the ghetto in April, according to a report from the Polish… More ▸

  • Gestapo Squads Hunting Fugitive Polish Jews; 30,000 Executed Since April

    Gestapo squads are engaged in a large scale manhunt for fugitive Jews who succeeded in escaping from many of the ghettos in Poland during the chaos resulting from liquidation of the ghettos and the execution and deportation of most of the residents, according to a report from the underground received by Polish-Jewish circles here today… More ▸

  • New Pogroms on Jews Throughout Poland; Nazis “liquidate” Ghettos in Many Cities

    Practically all the remaining Jewish ghettos in Nazi-occupied Poland are now being “liquidated,” following the procedure used in Warsaw, and tens of thousands of Jews are being mercilessly slaughtered while others are attempting to flee into the neighboring woods in the hope of escaping extermination. Information reaching the Polish Government here today from the underground… More ▸

  • Ghettos in Number of Towns Liquidated As Jews Are Exterminated

    The ghettos in the towns of Palencia, Rembertow. Nowy-Dwor, Kaluszyn, Minsk Mazowieck were “liquidated” by the local Nazi authorities as the entire Jewish population there was either killed or deported to the “exterminating camps.” In the cities of Vilna, Lwow, Stanislawow, Tarnopol, Stryj enly a small number of Jews remain. In Warsaw, 6,000 Jews were… More ▸

  • Vilna Reported “judenrein”; Last 14,000 Jews “disappear” from Ghetto

    The city of Vilna, where Jews have been living since the 14th century, is now completely “judenrein,” according to a report published today in Die Nation, a Swiss publication. The last 14,000 Jews who were permitted to remain in the Vilna ghetto – because the German considered them “useful elements” – after the Nazi massacre… More ▸