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Yom Kippur

  • Yom Kippur: It’s fourth and long

    On Yom Kippur, the ultimate game day for Jews, columnist Edmon J. Rodman says we can apply football’s well-known pattern of timed territorial struggle to the personal struggle being played out for our attention, intention and understanding. More ▸

  • Shalom Sesame for the dirty mind

    Today is the launch of the new Shalom Sesame Rosh Hashanah installment. It’s called “The Sticky Shofar.” “The Sticky Shofar.” Not to be a Moishe Oofnik, but am I the only one who thinks that the title and the cover… Oy, never mind. Looks like I have another thing to atone for this Yom Kippur…. More ▸

  • Birthday boy Bob Dylan among the Jewish folk

    Today is folk legend Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman, Dylan is no stranger to Jewish celebration. In 1975, he crashed a Passover seder with Marlon Brando. And in 2004, Dylan was spotted at Yom Kippur services in his home state of Minnesota. Fun aside: Earlier this month, NPR’s Robert Siegel shared that Bob… More ▸

  • It’s Rosh Hashanah — do you know where your tuchis is?

    The High Holidays are here, and so is shul-shopping, that time-honored ritual whereby Jews who don’t belong to a synagogue — or those unhappy with their current choice — check out congregations they may deign to join. Synagogues know that, which is why some are abandoning their usual high-priced ticket schemes to offer free seats… More ▸

  • Pass the popcorn, it’s time for shul

    If you’re looking for free High Holiday services, how about turning on the TV? Shalom TV is telecasting High Holiday services on cable and online the week of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The cable offering is a first for Jewish viewers, according to the company. Growing numbers of non-Orthodox synagogues and other Jewish institutions… More ▸

  • What’s a (non-Jewish) dad to do?, run by the indefatigable Ed Case out of Boston, offers a wealth of resources for intermarried families looking to make Jewish choices. Two High Holiday essays on the site are particularly noteworthy. As a non-Jewish man married to an Orthodox woman, Birger Stamperdahl isn’t sure of his role during the High Holidays. Before Passover… More ▸