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  • Watch two Palestinan kids ride a giant snake

    Being a kid is fun. Even if you grow up in areas that are slightly on the more dangerous side, like the city of Ramallah, you can still have a good time. A Palestinian brother and sister seen in this video uploaded to YouTube yesterday spend their free time riding a giant python snake, albeit… More ▸

  • Watch Wiley the dog crying over Grandma Gladys’ grave (VIDEO)

    This could be the most heartbreaking YouTube video ever. The video shows a service dog named Wiley crying over the grave of Gladys, a Jewish grandma. It was posted April 14, and went viral early Thursday. According to the user sarahvarley13, the dog is Wiley, a service wolf who is “used to help veterans returning… More ▸

  • Jewish kid urges Kate Upton to go to prom with him, she agrees

    “I’m Jewish, five-foot-nine on a very good day, and I can’t dance, at all. You’re Christian, five-foot-ten, and that Cat Daddy video, should have won an Oscar for best short film.” That’s the way 17-year-old Jake Davidson chooses to pitch his prom proposal to supermodel Kate Upton in a viral YouTube video that has reached… More ▸

  • Oh Lord, another Bar Mitzvah video is going viral

    Internet, meet Jorel Hoffert, a half Asian, half Jewish 12-year-old boy, who is so excited to become a man, he’s made a YouTube video about it. In a bizarre mash-up of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Hoffert displays his incredible skills in air guitar and Gangam style, including lines like, “I’m half a Jew/Learned Hebrew/I’m half Asian and proud… More ▸

  • Sarah Silverman launches YouTube comedy channel

    Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman launched a new YouTube comedy show yesterday, called “Jash,” which she claims means “Just Attitude So Hey” (even though that’s not actually what it stands for). Google approached Silverman and “Superbad” star Michael Cera about the show, and it debuted at South by Southwest Sunday. Silverman said her first choice for the show’s… More ▸

  • Fat Jew laughs at people in a new online show (NSFW)

    The Fat Jew (Fabrizio Goldstein) is an actor and television writer, who is most known for his work on the E! Channel, his affinity to wearing no clothes at all, and also a popular and really not politically correct Twitter account. Now he is taking his humor to a van in Venice Beach, Calif., and… More ▸

  • The Israeli Election Committee is targeting the hipster vote in a new video

    Israel is having its general election on January 22, in case you wonder and don’t happen to have Israeli friends who repetitively post obnoxious political statuses on Facebook. The Israeli Election Committee wants everyone to vote, so they have been producing massive voting encouragement campaign, and has made it as far as reaching even the most… More ▸

  • Watch a bunch of Hasidic Jews rock ‘Gangnam Style’ in Yiddish

    (Post by JTA’s Adam Soclof) At Tiferes Rivka wedding hall in Brooklyn, N.Y., Eli Leno and Sori Schlafrig celebrated their wedding on the second night of Chanukah with a special musical tribute: a parody of the chart-topping single “Gangnam Style.”  The videowas posted to YouTube under the title “Hasidic Jews going Gangnam style,” although a quick visual… More ▸

  • If ‘New Girl’ was an old Jewish woman (VIDEO)

    A few weeks ago we posted the “Funny or Die” video “Jew Girl,” a Jewish parody about Fox’s hit television show “New Girl.” Well, the Jewish parodies of Zooey Deschanel just keep coming — the newest one being “Old Girl,” it’s like “New Girl,” but old! And since grumpy old people are generally funnier, this… More ▸

  • Watch Gene Simmons speaking Hebrew!

    Gene Simmons, or Chaim Weitz, went back to his roots by publishing a video with a personal message to Israeli students at the World ORT-affiliated Shifman High School in Tirat HaCarmel, near Haifa. Simmons was born in Haifa but went to school in Tirat HaCarmel. In the video, Simmons starts with a little Hebrew (which was… More ▸