The Most Embarrassing Jewish Search Result


Try this at home. Go to YouTube, type the word “Jewish” and sort by “view count.” What’s the most-viewed “Jewish” video of all time? You’ll never guess. It’s a silly piece of fluff called “I’m Jewish and You Know It” – a parody of LMFAO’s hit song “Sexy and I Know It.”

Go ahead, click on the picture. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Yes, that’s a hasid arm-wrestling with Santa – and then arm-wrestling with Jesus on the cross. Yes, that’s a guy in short-shorts singing about his, um, “Shlomo.”  Yes, that’s a cameo by porn star Ron Jeremy. The weird parody has 14 million views on YouTube. The next hit has less, by half.

And who made this meshuggena song? A Russian Jew named Kostya Vasilkov (nickname: Agent K) who lives in L.A. and shot the video in Tel Aviv. Beyond those bare facts, and a dozen other videos on his own YouTube channel, you’ll find not much more about him on the Interwebs.

One thing for sure: Haaretz is not amused. But we are!


Watch “I’m Jewish and You Know It”:

The next biggest hit:

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