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Dr. Krass Urges Raising New Generation Without Prejudices


Dr. Nathan Krasss took “Prejudice” for the text of his discourse Sunday at the Temple Emanu-El, Taking the Jew as an “ostensible instance,” Dr. Krass described tmany of the prejudices against the Jew and showed how civilization could be measured by “the Jewish barometer.”

“The higher the stage of civilization the less prejudicial pressure on the Jew. Prejudice is a problem that cannot be completely solved. It does not dwell in the region of reason. Its roots are not to be found in the soil of the intellect. Hence all attempts to destroy prejudice by arguments that appeal to reason or by syllogisms that betray perfect logic are futile.”

Dr. Krass declared that everybody was prejudiced, and that at bottom prejudice indicated the dislike for the unlike; that people who acted differently thought differently, achieved differently than we do, irritated us, he said, and upset out standard and equilibrium. “Rear a new generation without prejudice, and the human race will be happier and the world will be made safe for posterity.”

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