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Digest of Public Opinion on Jewish Matters

October 5, 1926
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[The purpose of the Digest is informative. Preference is given to papers not generally accessible to our readers. Quotation does not indicate approval-Editor.]

The statement of Professor Franz Oppenheimer, noted Zionist and originally the proponent of cooperative colonization in Palestine, that following his recent visit to Palestine he is disappointed with the state of colonization there because of the Socialist tendencies prevailing in the colonies, is discussed editorially by the “Jewish Daily News” of Oct. 3.

“It is true Prof. Oppenheimer does not mention the cooperatives, but when he speaks of the Jewish colonization settlements in Palestine he certainly cannot be referring to such colonies as Petach Tikwah, Rishon I’Zion, Reboboth and the other settlements where Socialism never had any influence, has none today and never will have,” the paper observes.

“It was Prof. Oppenheimer and none other who inaugurated in Palestine the experiment of colonies on a cooperative basis. It was under his influence that the Zionist organization invested large sums of money in these experiments about which there is still considerable difference of opinion today as to whether they will have any results or not. Hitherto they have all suffered deficits. It is therefore surprising to hear from Oppenheimer himself that Socialist tendencies are bad for colonization, exactly what the opponents of Oppenheimer’s Socialist Zionism have contended right along. In other words, if the reports are correct, Oppenheimer has confessed that Socialist tendencies are a handicap to colonization. This would mean that he admits that the cooperative system which has absorbed so much money is wrong and that the opponents of Socialist experiments in Palestine have gained a new recruit the father of the experiments himself!

“As to Prof. Oppenheimer’s assertion,” the paper continues, “that the solution lies in a ‘strong man’ who could help out the Palestine colonization, this will surely find approval in many Zionist circles. The opinion has been expressed long ago that the Zionist Organization ought to free itself a little from the rule of the radicals under which it is subjected in Palestine:”


The arrival in the U.S. of Dr. Bernhard Kahn, European Director of the J. D. C., is commented on by the Chicago “Tribune.” Says the paper:

“Dr. Bernhard Kahn, European director of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, has returned to America to tell of the distribution of $61,000,000 among European sufferers from the war and its aftermath. Dr. Kahn will submit his report at a conference to be held in Chicago next month at which plans will be laid for the collection of further millions for the same purpose.

“Sixty-one millions of dollars is a sizable sum, though it is not a spot on the total amount which America has contributed toward the reilef of distress in the European zone in recent years.”


The Directors of the United Israel-Zion Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y., announced that $35,000 had been pledged to the hospital as a result of the appeal for funds made in Brooklyn synagogues during the high holidays.

Headquarters for the $4,720,000 campaign of the New York Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies opened yesterday morning at the Hotel Pennsylvania. This year’s effort will be the tenth anniversary campaign of the federation, and will be under the general chairmanship of Frederick Brown, who also directed last year’s drive.

The United Synagogue of America announced the resumption of its regular Wednesday evening radio broadcasting from Station WEAF.

The cornerstone of the Richmond Hill Community Centre was laid Sunday at Eighty-eighth Avenue and 102nd Street. Richmond Hill, Queens, by Stephen Kaplan. The speakers were District Attorney Richard Newcombe of Queens, Congressman David J. O’Connell, Commissioner of Jurors William Hazelwood of Queens, Dr. Emanuel Siner, Mrs. William Gross and Rabbi Kruter. Music was furnished by the Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum Band. The ceremony was followed by a dinner at the Triangle Hall room, where a campaign to raise $150,000 for the Community Centre was launched. Nathan Tannenbaum was Chairman.

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