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January 4, 1927
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“The cables and the wireless are working: the people of Roumiania, as well as its leaders, will have heard by tomorrow morning how all the people of this united, great nation feel on this subject. The awakening is bound to come. God speed the day.” Judge Mack concluded.


The King of Roumania is said to be greatly ill, stricken with a dread disease. With all our hearts we pray that he may be restored to health and strength and once again be permit? by Providence to take over the seven-eighty of his people: but Roumania–not the King of Roumania– Roumania is stricken with another disease, and that disease is anti-Semitism, and we as Americans, are fearful of the inimical hurt which that disease may bring to Roumania unless it be taken in time and healed by those who have the power feeling and leadership in their hands. The disease of his Majesty ? our pity: the disease of the Roumanian Government excites our appearance, Dr. Wise declared.

“The face have been presented at some length this afternoon and I for my part as President of the American Jewish Congress wish to bear my personal testimony to the######## ######################## was as cold, deliberate and premeditated a murder as was ever committed and the conscience of the country should have been shocked and aroused at this atrocious crime. The Government should have taken the sternest measures to punish the Roumanian and those who instigated him.”Instead, this murder of a Jew on trial for a misdemeanor before a Roumanian tribunal is being proclaimed as a national hero, a superpatriot, and is being praised and adulated. He, too, will no doubt be freed, as was the murderer of the police officer. Manchu. What opinion can the civilized world have of such stultification of justice?’

“If I had the time to read the whole of that document. I would do it: or rather, if you had the patience. I hold in my hand the reply of the Roumanian Minister to the writer of this communication. on behalf of the Roumanian Legation. Ladies and gentlemen. I will not dignify this communication by reading it aloud.


“This communication is such an insolent, intolerable and libelous statement that the man who wrote it would be recalled by his government tomorrow if his government were innocent of the things which we lay at its door. The answer of the Roumanian Minister is that Jews are hurting Roumania. The answer of the Roumanian Minister or Legate is that all Jews are Bol-shevists and on behalf of Bolshevism are trying to undermine Roumania.

“Let me say, through the medium of the press to his Excellency, the Roumanian Minister to the United States, that 100 years of ?olshevism will not undermine the Roumanian Government as do the excesses in one day against the Jews.

“We are not the foes of Roumania. After all, let me remind you that Jews have lived and ?and suffered and prayed and died in Roumania centuries. –centuries before either the King or Queen of Roumania, or any of their ancestors had ever touched foot upon the soil of Roumania.


“I would remined the Roumanian en? or minister that after all, if Roumania? to the awful eminence of being the bitterest ?of the Jews on earth, then let Roumania remeber that ? Russia is dead, but the Jews live.

########### of seeking this awful end# believe without the understanding and without the assent and without the ## of their maj# side, the King and Queen–instead of that # them seek another and nobler #### of being the first ## the countries are ## of ## where in are ## people toward ## mental law of those lands, are fulfilled,” Dr. Wise declared.“It is not we Jews who protest. Protestant Christians, Roman Catholic Christians unite with us and go before us in their protest against any manner of wrong and violence to Jew. And let me say to Roumania, 650,000 Jews are now become a part of your great people. In God’s name give these people not only equal rights and evenhanded justice, and every right under the law, but give them the right to become builders of a new and greater Roumania.

Dr. Wise announced the news of the death of Achad Ha’am in Tel Aviv. The audience rose to pay tribute to the late Hebrew philosopher.

“While it is true that no government can interfere with the internal affairs of another nation, whatever those affairs may be, however, the conduct may be,” Judge Hartman stated, “nevertheless, it is written broadly in the very life and fibre of international law and justice that when a government so conducts itself toward its own inhabitants that it refuses to give them protection against brutal murder; when a government so conducts itself as to fail to accord to its own people a human treatment, so that they may not fall victims to ruthless mobs and hordes of violent people; then there is something inherent in the police powers of the rest of the world chat can demand of such government to give protection against its own people, to give protection to those who are the victims of these outrages; and whether that government does it wilfully to bring about this bloodshed, or it is so weak that it is unable to cope with the situation, the rest of the nations of the world have a perfect right to intervene. And I am sure that it was that thought that prompted President Roosevelt to give to John Hay the direction to voice our protest at the time of the massacres in Russia. And, this government, even if it does not belong to the League of Nations, can invoke that same rule of international and moral law. And, if not that, we do know that America itself is so powerful, is so strong, that no Roumania and no other government will want to incur the displeasure and hostility of this country” he said.

The following Jewish organizations were represented at the meeting: Independent Order Brith Abraham. Zionist Organization of America. Independent Order Brith Sholom. Independent Order of the Free Sons of Israel. Progressive Order of the West. Jewish National Workers’ Alliance. Federation of Polish Jews. Federation of Ga-lician-Bukowinian Jews. Hadassah Organization. Order Sons of Zion. His-tadruth Ivrith. United Roumanian Jews of America. Independent Western Star Order. Federation of Ukrainian Jews, Order of the Knights of Joseph, Poale Zion of America, Federation of Hungarian Jews. Independent Order Brith Sholom of Baltimore. United Hebrew Trades and the Zeire Zion of America.

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