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United Jewish Campaign Conference Resolutions Call for New Relief Effort and Reorganization of J. D.

May 14, 1929
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The resolutions adopted by the United Jewish Campaign conference outline the plan for future action in behalf of European Jewry and the method of reorganizing the Joint Distribution Committee. The text of the resolutions follow:


“Although directly and indirectly, the Jews of the United States and Canada have, during the past fifteen years, placed at the disposal of the Joint Distribution Committee upwards of $100,000,000 for the relief of their brethren abroad and for carrying on reconstructive work, it has become increasingly evident during the past few years that the work upon which the Committee has embraked must not cease nor may it be suspended.

“Although in certain portions of Europe conditions have become less acute, yet in Bessarabia, Lithuania, and in sections of Poland, during the past winter, there has been dire distress. In the cities of Russia, the economic condition of the Jews is such as to make it exceedingly difficult for them to earn a livelihood, There are still Jews who are refugees from Russia, Poland and other Eastern countries, and who are now in France, Germany, Turkey and other countries, who must be adjusted to their new surroundings. Many religious and cultural institutions are still deprived of adequate support. The care of children, the need of trade education, the preparation of young men and women for productive employment, the continuance of medical sanitary activities, the establishement of institutions of communal self-help, the support of credit and other cooperative societies, all call for continued and substantial assistance.

“It is inconceivable, therefore, that the Jews of this country and Canada, who have been so sympathetic and helpful in the past, should abandon the idea of completing the work to which they have so conscientiously devoted themselves in the past.

“Therefore be it resolved that the Joint Distribution Committee be earnestly requested to accept from this conference, the mandate to continue the work upon which it has been engaged, to appear at the earliest possible date to the Jews of the United States and Canada to conduct a campaign for the purpose of securing the funds necessary to meet the existing needs to proceed with the work of reconstruction in the various lines in which it has been recently active, and to the extent necessary to render even palliative relief in order to prevent famine and consequent calamities which would otherwise prevail.

“Be it further resolved that a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Joint Distribution Committee be convened prior to July 1st, 1929 to carry out the foregoing resolution, to formulate such program, and to make such provision for the raising of the necessary funds which shall not be less than $2,500,000 during the coming twelve months, as shall be necessary to accomplish this end.”


“At the National Conference held at Chicago in October 1927, it was recommended, at the instance of the Executive Committee, that consideration be given to the desirability of a reorganization of the Joint Distribution Committee in view of the change in conditions which had rendered the independent activities of the constituent societies unnecessary, and the advantages which it believed would result from a reorganization. That subject has received careful study, and the conclusion has been reached that steps should be taken forthwith to accomplish that end in order to simplify procedure, and to avoid the complications likely to occur in consequence of a system of operation which, though useful in its inception, has in many respects become obsolete.

“Therefore be it resolved that it is the wish of this conference that the Chairman presiding at this session, the Honorable Joseph M. Proskauer, at his earliest convenience, appoint a Committee of Eighteen to be known as the Reorganization Committee of the Joint Distribution Committee (a majority of whom shall constitute a quorum), whose duty it shall be

“1. To formulate, and on behalf of this conference, to put into operation, suitable by-laws for the regulation of the conduct and management of the business of the Joint Distribution Committee.

“2. To designate from among those who have heretofore rendered outstanding service in the fund-raising, relief and other activities of the Joint Distribution Committee not less than 150 nor more than 250 persons who, together, shall constitute the Council of the Joint Distribution Committee to serve until their successors are chosen pursuant to the terms of the By-Laws to be adopted.

“3. To select from among the members of the Council, thus to be constituted, 30 persons who shall serve as the Board of Directors or Executive Committee of the Joint Distribution Committee, the members of the Board to be divided into three classes of ten each,-those allotted to the first of these classes to serve for one year, the second for two years, and the third for three years, their successors, except such as shall be appointed to fill vacancies, to be chosen for terms of three years; the Board of Directors being empowered to elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and such other officers as shall be deemed necessary, to hold office until their successors shall be elected, and

“4. To exercise such further powers as shall be necessary or convenient to carry this resolution into effect;

“Resolved further that until the action herein provided for shall have been taken, the present Executive Committee and officers of the Joint Distribution Committee shall continue to exercise their respective powers and to hold office until the Reorganization Committee shall have carried out the foregoing plan, and their appointees shall have accepted and qualified in accordance with the provisions of the By-Laws to be adopted.”


“Whereas the reports submitted to this conference indicate conditions of acute distress which call for immediate relief, and the Joint Distribution Committee, with all of its desire to come to the rescue, has been unable to meet in full the obligations which it has already assumed toward various organizations, institutions, and activities abroad, or to respond to the additional meritorious demands which have come to them, and

“Whereas there remain outstanding from various communities of this country and Canada substantial amounts which have been heretofore subscribed through the United Jewish Campaign, which, if collected, would enable the Committee to meet those obligations and to satisfy these demands.

“Be it resolved that the members of this conference hereby obligate themselves to exert their utmost endeavors to induce the subscribers in their respective communities to discharge at the earliest possible date, all amounts remaining unpaid on their subscriptions in order that the Joint Distribution Committee, which has incurred obligations in reliance upon the prompt payment of these subscriptions, may satisfy the just expectations of those who have depended upon the fulfillment of these obligations, and who, of necessity, are utterly helpless unless they may depend upon the prompt performance of the pledges made in their behalf.”


“Whereas this conference has, with unstinted admiration, learned of the unprecedented achievement of the Jews of the United States and Canada of raising in subscriptions during a single campaign the sum of $19,700,000 in aid of the Jews of other lands, and

“Whereas they recognize that it would have been impossible to have accomplished so extraordinary a result but for the zeal, the energy, the self-sacrifice, the devotion and the ability of the National Chairman of the campaign, David A. Brown, who has to a

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signal degree justified the trust and confidence reposed in him.

“Be it resolved by this conference that it expresses its profound appreciation of his devoted efforts, its admiration for the brilliant success which he has attained, its love and affection for his fine personal qualities, and its hope that he may be spared many more years to carry on his useful and humane endeavors to advance the happiness of mankind.”

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