Chronology of Carlos the Jackal’s terror


LONDON, Dec. 29 (JTA) — Carlos the Jackal was the most

prominent international terrorist for two decades. Here is a partial

chronology of terror attacks in which he was believed to be

involved. July 1971: Carlos receives military training from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Lebanon. May 1972: Twenty-six pilgrims killed, 78 wounded in a joint attack at Israel’s Lod Airport by the Japanese Red Army and PFLP. December 1973: Carlos shoots prominent Jewish businessman and Zionist Edward Sieff in the face at his London home. Sieff survives. January 1974: Carlos claims responsibility for bombing the London branch of Israel’s Bank Hapoalim. August 1974: Two right-wing French newspapers and the Jewish monthly L’Arche are bombed. December 1974: Two people killed, 30 injured in a grenade attack on the Jewish-owned cafe Le Drugstore in Paris. Carlos is a chief suspect. January 1975: Carlos is instrumental in two rocket attacks on El Al planes at a Paris airport. Terrorists are captured but allowed to fly to the Middle East. June 1975: Carlos kills two French secret-service agents investigating the rocket attacks and their Lebanese informant. December 1975: Three people killed when Carlos leads attack on an OPEC conference in Vienna. Eleven oil ministers are seized but later released for a huge cash ransom. March 1982: Five people killed and 27 injured in a bomb attack on a Paris-Toulouse express train carrying then-Paris mayor — now French President — Jacques Chirac. Carlos is a chief suspect. April 1982: Carlos claims responsibility for bombing French embassy and Air France office in Vienna. December 1983: Five people die and scores injured, in two bomb attacks in France — one in Marseilles, another on a high-speed train. Carlos is a chief suspect. August 1983: One person killed, scores wounded, in bomb attack on French cultural center in Berlin. Germany issues warrant for Carlos’ arrest. January 1984: Carlos claims responsibility for bombing French cultural center in Tripoli, Lebanon.

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