Accused WWII murderer dodges trial


A Hungarian man accused of murdering 1,000 people in Serbia during World War II
will not stand trial.

A Budapest court ruled Thursday that a case could not be reopened against
Sandor Kepiro, who is charged with taking part in the killing of Serbs, Gypsies (or Roma) and
Jews in Serbia as a Hungarian policeman in Novi Sad.

A Hungarian
court convicted Kepiro for his part in the killings in 1994, but the verdict was overturned later that year. A call for prosecution was made earlier this year
by The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which had discovered that Kepiro was living in

“This was a fair ruling because I committed no crime,” Kepiro told a news conference. “In the area under my
supervision we did not once resort to the use of weapons. I have a clean
conscience and I live my life accordingly.”

The Wiesenthal Center has urged the state prosecutor to appeal the verdict.

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